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He finds a way to wind his time back and returns to earth at last. Charlie introduces Flo's family to Tabasco, as Praline asks Flo if they can stay at the Church. Charlie says that the dog tag failed to levitate the old dog from the pit because it had mysteriously quit on her. Annabelle intervenes by stopping Belladonna in An All Dogs Christmas Carol. She is a whippet breed (Greyhound-Terrier) and is known to be compassionate, empathetic and gracefully spoken. but changed Her personality, some time after Dying from a venomous snake bite. Charles B. Announcer - In 1989, Master Animator Don Bluth, Director of His animated hits of the 20th Century, An American Tail, The Land Before Time, and Anastasia, now works with Disney in, Don Bluth's All Dogs go to Heaven. Then, Later, Charlie, Itchy, and Anne-Marie along with Tabasco, visit a dilapidated church to give food (Fully Cooked Salmon, Fried Eggs, Bread Bits, Blueberries, and Strawberries) to Charlie's first female friend, Flo, a Rough Collie, Her newlywed Husband, an under-confident Welsh Corgi named Delta, and a group of puppies they adopted. After Red takes the horn, he imprisons all angel dogs, including Annabelle... except Charlie and Itchy. (Itchy howls in a panic.) Evil-doer This relationship firsy is made evident in La Doggie Vita. Charlie enjoys this place, but, goes into despair, that He didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Itchy Or His friends when He got murdered. New and improved. As the Casino was capsizing, Charlie's life watch goes down in the water. Soon, Charlie gets outnumbered, and one hench-dog bites Charlie's leg, causing Him to howl in a loud tone, and King Gator comes to the rescue. The series is a family sitcom, with Charlie and Itchy becoming embroiled in several misadventures in each episode, while trying to do the right thing. Madame Mousey | Singe | Carface enters heaven after getting eaten by King Gator, and attempts to return to earth by winding his "life clock" (alarm clock). Serving the forces of evil All Dogs Go to Heaven › Annabelle. (Except Delta, who played dead to avoid capture and Tabasco and His kittens, who had escaped) Tabasco gets to Charlie's Place, right before one of Carface's henchmen, who got clobbered by the customers. He's a German Shepherd who goes to Heaven by default and returns to Earth. Tabasco runs back to assist Charlie, and Carface's Henchmen run for dear life from King Gator as Carface grabs Killer and uses Him as bait to keep King Gator busy as He deals with Charlie. Movie: All Dogs Go to Heaven Franchise: All Dogs Go to Heaven. She also has a deeper, more bellicose voice compared to her cousin's higher-pitched and orderly tone (a given as Belladonna and Annabelle were both voiced by Bebe Neuwirth). She is an angelic whippet who welcomes dogs into Heaven. She takes her job very seriously and has a large sense of duty. minutes later, as most of the escaped dogs head for parts unknown, thanking Charlie and Itchy. Charlie tells Itchy to assist Tabasco to exit with the race-cats as Charlie with the intent of getting back at Carface, frees the girl, who introduces Herself as Anne-Marie as they race back to the junkyard, with the promise of finding Her a home. Later, Charlie helps Anne-Marie find a home, then He asks Annabelle for advice, as the Sun was going down At Audubon Park, Anne-Marie encounters Harold and Kate, who offer Anne-Marie a home, after learning She's an orphan. She also stands out as an inversion of her cousin appearance-wise, being purple with a spiked collar, a black leather vest, and bat-like wings in contrast to Annabelle's halo, angelic robe (if ever worn), and angel wings. Annabelle finishes the story by saying "Merry Christmas!" Drej Queen Susquehana | For example, Charlie and Sasha were shown as being together at the end of the second film, however, in the series, they seem to have never had a first date together. A canine angel, Charlie, sneaks back to earth from heaven but ends up befriending an orphan girl who can speak to animals. In the confusion, King Gator's tackling causes the casino to start to capsize, and an oil barrel falls on a ship engine, causing a fire. After Charlie refused to pay back Carface, he blows a mysterious hypnotic dog whistle that hypnotizes all the dogs and causes them to give Carface and Killer all of their bones. RECENT REWRITING OF STORY. Charlie checks on Sasha and the money collection for Timmy the puppy's operation for his bad leg. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This Movie would be made in Memory of Burt Reynolds. Scuttlebutt | Charlie then tells Itchy His plan to get back at Carface, and He suggests making a plan to infiltrate Carface's Riverboat Casino to liberate the Race-Cats, including Praline. Carface turns to leave, and Sasha asks him to stay and join the party. Jenner | However at times, Belladonna will tempt Charlie and give a false incentative, such as Kibbleland, La Doggie Vita and An All Dogs Christmas Carol, often these plots are tricks. A Few hours later, as Anne Marie woke up, He sees Itchy and Tabasco mourning Charlie, Anne Marie after seeing this, approaches and sheds a few tears for Charlie. Meanwhile, with Charlie and the gang, it starts to snow. You can't Keep a good dog down! Carface then tells his henchmen to not feed #18 anymore, and to drown the kittens in the marsh when they’re born. Grasping | Announcer - Now, Charlie gets a second chance at life on a great adventure with some colorful characters, Itchy the Dachshund... Charlie - Yeah, It's me. Annabelle would have a past life as a Bully in England who enjoyed chasing cats, other small dogs, and rabbits. The three of them visit Carface and make him feel guilty about stealing the items, especially the operation money; Sasha tells Carface that without it Timmy will die, but Timmy's death will cause another his own, as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come shows him that because of his actions, he will cause his own death, and he will be condemned to Hell for eternity. NIMH | In the Second and Third movies, along with the animated series, Annabelle's small ears were never shown. Annabelle finishes the story by saying "Merry Christmas!" Annabelle,Archangel of all the dogs in heaven; you stand accused of being in a relationship with one of angels, which is quite a serious charge. currently run by Charlie's business partner, Carface Carruthers. She is a pink Whippet Angel ranked in a high post in Heaven and is in charge of problems occuring there and on Earth. An autobiography by Charlie B. Barkin, the star of All Dogs go to Heaven. (Music is like Gold) after the musical number, King Gator lets Charlie leave the sewer in peace. They go to capture Annabelle, but they Run and let Annabelle be captured by the dogcatcher. Beautiful, kind-hearted, helpful, and friendly with others, Annabelle is the archangel dog of Heaven. (1st Film). In the final episode of the series "He Barked, She Barked", Charlie is on trial, accused by Belladonna of abusing his angelic position. Carface Carruthers | For example, Charlie and Sasha were shown as being together at the end of the second film, however, in the series, they seem to have never had a first date together. Enraged, Belladonna tried to kill them but is defeated by literally having a cow dropped onto her. as Praline calls out Carface's cruelty and calls Him A Heartless Mutt. Announcer - Don't miss out on this classic for canine-lovers, along With new versions of classic songs, You can't Keep a Good Dog Down... Charlie and Itchy - (Singing) You can't keep a good dog down, No no no! Carface attempts to wind his watch back to revenge against King Gator for mauling him to death, but ends up getting chased throughout the skies by Annabelle who is fed up with anyone taking her kindness for weakness.

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