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Or, unlike almost every other show with similar subject matter, it doesn’t want it to stay morbid. Renew Elizabeth Ashley as every Netflix heroine’s no-bullshit therapist (but make it fashion) mom-figure. Insightful, creative show centers on character with autism. Ava DuVernay's When They See Us comes under the tough but essential viewing banner. Movie follow-up has laughs and strong family messages. And so, indeed—as the series takes great pains to argue—must the crown. On paper, Netflix’s new reality series The Circle seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Renew Charlie Barnett. As you watch, you might pick up cooking, fashion and home decorating skills yourself, all on the path to notching up confidence and happiness. The show’s emotional core revolves around the plight of the Elric brothers, Ed and Alphonse, two alchemists sponsored by the authoritarian Amestris military. Shipka, taking all that she earned from Mad Men, dominates the screen while snipping and snapping with each potent line delivery. Schilling is the engine that drives the plot, and her odd combination of natural serenity mixed with the increasing anger and desperation at the late turn her life has taken strikes the perfect tone for life inside the women’s prison. Taking place in the 1870s, the six-part miniseries (from Downton Abbey’s Julian Fellowes) introduces us to the true story of two players from opposing sides who will change the game in critical ways. Get past any hesitance over the puppets (which are actually outstanding, as CG is used only to smooth out backgrounds and action), turn subtitles on to help you remember all of the character names, and immerse yourself in this incredible world that we are so, so lucky to have.—Allison Keene, Created by: Vince Gilligan Stars: Bob Odenkirk, Michael McKean, Rhea Seehorn, and Jonathan Banks Original Network: AMC, When Bob Odenkirk showed up towards the end of the second season of Breaking Bad, playing sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman, it was a small shock to the system for anyone who has long appreciated his work as a writer and a comic actor on series like SNL and Mr. Show. Grey’s is my ultimate comfort-food TV, and I bet it will become yours too. —Eric Walters, Created by: Elizabeth Meriwether Stars: Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, Lamorne Morris, Hannah Simone Original Network: Fox, New Girl quickly became one of TV’s sharpest ensemble comedies. It’s far, far too early to enter The Good Place into any such pantheon, but it’s relevant in pinning down why the latest comedy from Michael Schur (The Office, Parks & Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) feels simultaneously so cozy and so adventurous. Jessica Jones keeps the viewer guessing, leaving them suspended in a state of fear and anxiety for perilous, wonderful hours. A bemused yet not unkind cynicism comes across in Cavill’s slow baritone and rare, slight smile. Beatles songs + engaging stories = fun family entertainment. Bringing William Zabka and Ralph Macchio back to reignite their ’80s-era Karate Kid rivalry just as the various tender/hurting teens in their lives are finding themselves in desperate need of mentorship from an ass-kicking sensei or two, Cobra Kai is a feast of brutal sentimentality, awkward puppy love and heartbreakingly scruffy nostalgia—and, of course, killer karate set pieces. Brotherhood is just the right length, never overstaying its welcome and proving how versatile and malleable the conventions of shounen anime can be. Starring Alison Brie? Through Lynch’s lens and through the guise of actor Frank Silva, that spirit haunted every last scene in the show, no matter how outlandish and far-reaching it got. The show explores the bonds between Daniel (played to perfection by Aden Young), his family and his enemies as they struggle to deal with Daniel’s homecoming.

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