breadwinners show

So that, my friends, is my rant for you. Five years later breadwinners was on Nick. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN 0.4! And also, even the idea of this show. Also to thebombfunn (AKA Oldnickolodeon34 at, can you review Sanjay and Craig too? For the love of Spongebob Nick, please never do this again! Write A Review. First of all the animation is the worst i have ever seen. So he's FORCING someone to love him out of his own selfish desires. If you don't know the name, just tell me the plot, I can figure it out based on the plot since I've seen every episode at least once or twice. Last but not least, it's gross and lacks good comedy. It's really strange. This is actually one of the few episodes that didn't take me long to review ^^ This is actually the first cartoon I gave a 1 start too. Honestly, I can't take this seriously. And it's not a good repetitive. This show is full of it. THIS SHOW REALLY AIRED ON TV?! That is if you've seen it yet. Maybe I'm exaggerating. Watch the pilot Or you can watch the first episode Thug Loaf at So anyway, just to wrap this review up, I just wanna mention that this show not ONLY is extremely awful, but a gigantic rip-off of Regular Show. These two carefree ducks fly around in a super sweet rocket van, delivering bread to their hungry customers. I'd like to see this show make it through season 1. It's disgusting. ): I watch Spongebob Squarepants on weekdays at 6:30 in the morning if it means avoiding Breadwinners. Then Buhdeuce butts in with a song called "Pretty pretty" about his love for himself, and then he passes gas in the faces of the camp counselors, thus exposing their true identities. Don't believe me? LISTEN TO YOUR FANS FOR ONCE AND STOP CREATING AWFUL BOMBARDMENTS LIKE THIS!! | You wanna know why? Awards They all feel like the same terrible idea. BreadWinners, stray a way form it! He simply starts farting in the Rocket Van, in order to prove that he "doesn't run low on gas". Would it really kill ya that much to come up with other designs? Plots: There's No Plots Just bread. Animation. Now, I hear you saying "But, it was made for kids!" This sucked! Speaking of that, another thing they overuse is toilet humor. When you constantly use the same genre of joke, it gets monotonous and cringe inducing. Pinky is a hyperactive idiot, and Brain is a diabolical evil genius. | And I've noticed they're also spamming ratings for The Oogieloves at other sites too, like Netflix, Common Sense Media, Rotten Tomatoes (from the audience), and even, plus IMDb. Then the episode ends. I've already reviewed it on both my accounts, but when need more reviews. Oh yeah, and what about rating more Disney movies? I thought Fanboy and Chum Chum was as bad as it got.

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