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Recently, Mina's slowly becoming suspicious of him and recognizing his powers. When Mina rescued Bunnicula from his prison in the basement, the two fell madly in love and became the best of friends. Bunnicula also would do anything to protect Mina and keep her from harm, without revealing his dark secret. 2016 Mina's deeply devoted to Becky, and usually she tries to keep their friendship, which's usually somewhat difficult, given their opposite personality traits. When Mina was young, she had an imaginary friend named Hamburger Cheese and would do everything together with him. Mina's mother is never seen or mentioned. S1, Ep8 12 Mar. When Mina was young, she had an imaginary friend named Hamburger Cheese and would do everything together with him. Bunnicula enlists the help of the Knight Owl to protect Chester from dog spirits, when the Knight Owl puts a protective barrier on Mina the pets have to find a way to reverse the spell so they can touch her without getting electrocuted in the process. Then she took them in and lived a happy life with them and her dad. Out of all the pets Mina has, she seems to be closest to Bunnicula and loves him the most. Revenge of the Return of the Curse of the Weredude, https://bunniculatvseries.fandom.com/wiki/Mina_Monroe?oldid=12508, Mina's name is a reference to Mina Harker, the main character of. Februar 2016 auf Cartoon Network, in Deutschland erstmals am 20. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Marsha's another one of Mina's best friends. Person | Rocko | Jimbo | Agent 51 | Commander | Gunther | Marie Monroe | Brycie | Tony Salami | Lafitte | Andrew Jackson | Pirate Chester | Pirate Harold | Snow White. It's shown that Mina has a crush on Scott and likes his pancake shirt. Hence his name is a combination of the words "Bunny" and "Dracula" respectively. Then she finally learns his secret, but she accepts her pet regardless. One year, she got a puppy named Harold for her birthday and found a kitten named Chester all alone and scared. Mina's usually seen hanging out with Marsha the most out of all her friends. He is very different from the original version of the character who appears in the books. Typically though, Mina gets annoyed with her father's eccentric and quirky ways. Mina has red and brown hair with tan skin, she also has two earrings, and buck teeth. She's also been known to wear a purple hoodie with blue shorts and purple socks. She wears blue shorts over grey tights with white socks and black high-top basketball sneakers. Gemeinsam erleben sie eine Menge unterschiedlicher Probleme und Abenteuer, denen sie sich stellen. Though sometimes, Mina can be ignorant and she's always oblivious to the supernatural events that happen in the mansion, even when they're right under her nose. November 2019 um 16:04 Uhr bearbeitet. She wears a purple t-shirt with a whitish pink around the body. Despite her punk sense of style, Mina's actually very perky, kind, and energetic. Before Bunnicula came into the picture, he, and Mina were very close. At some point in the future, she'll learn to understand and communicate with Chester as an adult. Die Musik ist von Paul E. Francis. She appears to have a shy side, as she was worried when she sent a flirty emoji to her crush Scott Dingleman and thought he might get the wrong idea, not knowing that he likes her as well. Recently, she's slowly caught wind of things and she's becoming suspicious of surroundings. Mina and her father have a typical father-daughter relationship, as Arthur always wants to spend time with his daughter and Mina always tries to cheer up her father when he's sad and lonely. At some point in her teen years, Mina moved to New Orleans with her dad in the Orlock Apartments that her late Aunt Marie left them. To this end, she's unaware of Bunnicula's status as a vampire or the other abnormal things that occur with her pets. She loves her pets very much, and she always has a curious attitude. However, that doesn't stop Mina from loving Chester and looking out for him. Mina usually shows Bunnicula her love by hugging him, nuzzling her nose with him, or kissing his furry lips. Erstmals ausgestrahlt wurde die Serie am 6. One year, she got a puppy named Harold for her birthday[3] and found a kitten named Chester all alone and scared[4]. Her eyes and skin tone suggest a possible Asian lineage. Mina and Bunnicula fell in love and he became the newest addition to the Monroe family. At first, Mina thought that Becky liked him as well, but in the end, Becky revealed that she didn't. Sometime in the future, Mina will find out about Bunnicula’s monster heritage, understand her pets, gain knowledge and skills in magic. This fact ends up occurring in the episode. https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Bunnicula&oldid=194333667, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“, Revenge Of The Return Of The Curse Of The Weredude. Juni 2016 auf Boomerang. She took them in and lived a happy life with them and her father.At some point in her teen years, Mina moved to New Orleans with her father in the Orlock Apartments that her late Aunt Marie left them. Mina Monroe is one of the main characters of Bunnicula. Bunnicula Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. At some point in the future, she'ill learn to understand and communicate with Harold as an adult. Marsha's the smartest of the three and the most interested in doing their homework assignments properly. Mina loves Chester very much and sometimes she dresses him up in human clothes just for fun. Mina and Marsha search the city for Bunnicula, who is having a party, so Harold and Chester … Regie führen Erik Knutson und Ian Wasseluk und die Produktion übernimmt Warner Bros. Mina's very loving and kind towards Harold, and she always likes to give him belly rubs and play fetch with him. Die Serie handelt von einem Vampirhäschen, das sich nicht von Blut, sondern lieber Karottensaft ernährt, wodurch es seine übernatürlichen Kräfte verbessern kann. Based on her Asian lineage and her name, it is possible that Mina is of Japanese or Korean origin, since the name Mina is more common in Japan and South Korea (Mina in Japanese: 美奈 or ミナ/Mina in Korean: 미나). Due to Marsha's shyness and timidity, Mina and Becky sometimes pick on Marsha, and they don’t really seem to have much respect for her, but they love her just the same. Dabei sind 3 Staffeln mit 104 Folgen entstanden. After she witnesses Bunnicula's vampire manners, she finally caught on, but rather than reject him, and she accepted her pet with open arms. Click to view the gallery for Mina Monroe. When Bunnicula accidentally breaks Mina's design project she is working on, he is given Thyme, which coincidentally sends him back in time... but will time travel actually change anything or not? 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Die Serie basiert auf der Kinderbuchserie Kanicula (Englisch: „Bunnicula“) von James und Deborah Howe. She freed a vampire rabbit named Bunnicula from his prison in the basement with a key that was given to her by Marie. Based on Arthur's loneliness, it would seem that Mina's mother is no longer a part of their life, for whatever reason. Animation. Die Serie wurde von 2016 bis 2018 in den Vereinigten Staaten produziert. Becky's one of Mina's best friends. In Oh Brother!, she accidentally spots his bat wings and him draining a carrot. However, Mina was not aware about Bunnicula's vampire heritage and her pets know it's better off that way. She f… Es lebt bei der 11-jährigen Mina zusammen mit ihren zwei Haustieren, dem Phantom-Kater Chester und dem liebenswürdigen, aber einfach gestrickten Hund Harold. Bunnicula | Mina's Broken Project | Boomerang UK - YouTube Bunnicula ist eine US-amerikanische Zeichentrickserie, die von 2016 bis 2018 produziert … Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 24. Bunnicula ist eine US-amerikanische Zeichentrickserie, die von 2016 bis 2018 produziert wurde. Despite liking to cook, Mina is terrible at it. Mina is exclusive to the TV show, whereas in the books, she is a boy named Toby Monroe. Despite that, she loves her father and often supports him in his endeavors as he does the same to her. However, Mina was unaware of Bunnicula's powers and thought that he just looked like a vampire (which's how Bunnicula got his name though this was already his name).

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