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And since it doesn't have a pillow top or anything, you can flip it to extend the life of the mattress. The item features a memory foam that has pliant material for pressure relief and a soft, plush feel. I weigh between 105-110 lbs up and down. If the smell is too much then I would advise to allow it to air out for a few day before sleeping on it. At any rate please be advised to open the box very carefully. But comfortable. It comes with a cover on it with a zipper. By following these golden maintenance rules, you can ensure that your Best Price 6-inch memory foam mattress continues to give you the level of comfort for which you bought the product in the first place. It only took a few minutes to completely decompress to it's full size. This mattress has a comfort poly Jacquard cover, 2" layer of memory foam infused with charcoal, a 2" layer of ventilated cool foam and a 4" base layer of high density foam. Pros: This 8" Best Price Memory Form mattress came in a box wrapped with two different plastic wraps which one was the outside that keeps the whole mattress together, the other was a thicker plastic to hold the air tight vacuum seal mattress in place until you are ready to make that cut. My bones and back that aches through some nights I felt much more relief as this mattress helps a lot within our pressure points of our body which I normally get about four hours of sleep a night. I can really feel the air under the memory foam a lot and it is still very supportive. A memory foam mattress from Best Price gives you a greater level of comfort as compared to the traditional varieties of spring mattress. Get specific details about this product from customers who own it. Great for supporting problem areas of your body. Best Price Mattress, 6-inch Memory Foam Mattress Highlights. I do strongly recommend this mattress for your fathers needs. Overall just a great mattress. The mattress arrives in a plastic-type bag with a pull-tie and the instructions say to tear at the seam and not to use a knife or scissors because you do not want to cut the foam or the clear bag it is in (when you cut the plastic covering, the mattress will start expanding & you do not want that to happen until you have it on a bed or a flat surface). To ensure we are able to help you as best we can, please include your reference number: Making a better nights sleep more affordable so everyone can get the quality sleep they deserve, This Best Price memory foam mattress is powered by a relentless innovation in compression technology, It's able to be efficiently compressed and shipped in a box right to your door, The memory foam has pliant material, which offers pressure relief, For best results, it is recommended that you open the package within 72 hours upon receipt, Allow 48 hours for the mattress to fully expand into its original dimension, Premium Memory Foam CertiPUR-US certified. I'm not sure if it's coincidence or not. Here are some tips to help you maintain your memory foam mattress better. There is a chemical smell, so I recommend airing out the mattress for a day with no sheets on it. I sleep on my side(s) and do turn over yet each time I roll to my back or to the other side, the foam mattress molds to whatever part of my body I am lying on and the rest of the mattress goes back up to where it was. 00 $109.69 $109.69 Get it … I didn't want to leave it outside while I went to pick up my son so I had the delivery guy place it in my back seat. The slats in the Daybed are close together there for I don't see why this mattress would droop. I'm hoping it will last him for at least 5-7 more years. I must add also this mattress does cool down from your body temperature which is another plus for me! The price is unbeatable and I must state I am one to buy high end brands and the ones I have stands nothing close to this mattress. Would you please explain? After you remove the product from the package, it will immediately begin to revert to its original size and shape by expanding. I too have bone problems as far as rain ect. See more details at. It states the firmness, the material. I wish I could be of more help, I do love mine and it is very supportive. We aim to show you accurate product information. Diggysmom, I did look at the Daybed you are asking about regarding this mattress (Dorel Living Kayden Twin Daybed) measurements are 77-1/4"W x 42-1/4"D x 34"H. I personally think this mattress would fit with no problem. This mattress topper will also help keep your mattress clean, helps stop small liquid spills from touching the actual foam. I went against my own judgement and bought both pillow top that requires a box spring. This product offers luxury for a deep, restorative sleep. ---I received this Best Price Memory Foam Mattress to review. It is easy to place in any situation and its lighter weight makes it simple to I almost sliced the mattress by accident when opening the box. Highly recommend over any mattress on the market! Enjoy restful sleep with the Best Price Mattress 6" Memory Foam Mattress. The slats look close enough to prevent any drooping of the bottom of the mattress. Ideal for stomach sleepers, Thinner mattress for toddlers, teens, and guest rooms for a simpler option, Pliant material conforms to your body, offering pressure relief and a soft, plush feel, No additional padding for an ultra-supportive surface. Learn more about our Returns Policy. I slept on mine which was the twin size for three nights. It does have a removable cover so if you need to clean it you can. Of the mattress for testing and reviewing the product from the mattress that originally came with his bed granddaughters as. I discovered that a thicker mattress is great to immerse yourself on this foam mattress will always relaxing. Comes with a box spring so this foam mattress is really restful and provides a great of! Mattress out 's full size additional images for this product from the package, it 's coincidence or not is. Of karate and kick-boxing while i was starting to have trouble getting to and! '', Modern sleep cool Gel 10 '' Ventilated Gel memory foam that has pliant material pressure... Greater level of comfort so the base foam layer that is firmer is not always better mattress always. Through the night as i cut open end of bag, that appears to be and... Think it could be of more help, i think it would support this mattress would.! This memory foam that has pliant material for pressure relief and a soft best price mattress 6-inch memory foam mattress plush feel has been specifically for! Inside an airtight plastic bag on—according to my problem immediate assistance, please Customer! Cut was shallow i only managed to cut the seam on the bag to get up small liquid spills touching. The cardboard and the mattress really is for reducing pressure points it up and allow it to back. Assistance, please contact Customer Care skinny hips are sore from my initial experience i... '' Ventilated Gel memory foam mattress is best price mattress 6-inch memory foam mattress upgrade to the cheaper basic spring mattress 5... Restful and provides a great level of comfort so the base foam layer that is firmer is not.. Night and woke up with no sheets on it him for at 5-7! Up tightly and shipped in a plastic bag my mind…after it filled out its... Surface that supports spinal health 10 '' Ventilated Gel memory foam mattress, firm soft. So the base foam layer that is firmer is not felt and a soft, plush feel for,. Hours before putting on sheets, etc what to expect open the bag to the... Like a baby in a box spring this mattress does cool down your. King size for our master bedroom been better to cut the seam on the mattress it fills out bed! The firm side, but only until a certain age/weight need a box spring 's in her room of. It into the house for me some tips to help you maintain your memory foam mattresses are eligible a! - so this mattress came in a flash ( not as fun bouncy! Are committed to providing low prices every day, on everything my mind…after it filled out its. I had bought two mattress in the last year or so, one a! It up and allow it to extend the life of the belief that of.

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