dangerous animals in the appalachian mountains

In the mountain valleys, you will find that there are several streams and rivers to cross. As mentioned above, trekking poles can really come in handy for keeping and regaining balance on the trail. Weighing in at 1,000 pounds or more, these large animals roam deep woods and wetland areas from Massachusetts into Canada. Thanks for reaching out. Mark, True, there have been a handful of murders on the Appalachian Trail over the decades. Exposure– The 100 Mile Wilderness, like the rest of Northern Maine, has basically two seasons: summer and winter. Sweat will drip like a rain gutter from your chin. Be sure to check out our backpacking gear checklist for the 100 Mile Wilderness to make sure you have the right gear. backpacking gear checklist for the 100 Mile Wilderness. Rollings hills, lush foliage, scenery for days. Gravity + Wet + Rocks + Fatigue + Backpack = increased risk of falling, so be careful out there. If you do surprise one of these poisonous snakes, … Thanks for sharing, Andy. As far as other resources, check out my post on gear for the 100 Mile Wilderness for an AT thru-hike. Though water is prevalent in the 100 Mile Wilderness, I highly recommend carrying a large 100oz CamelBak because the ease of use and large capacity help encourage frequent water consumption. If you decide you need a pair, check out this article from REI on choosing the right hiking poles. Death Valley is awesome. The mountains are well known for azaleas and rhododendrons. In some places, there are hundreds and hundreds of yards on “bog bridges”, trees cut in half and laid flat face up, end to end as a foot bridge. I went to Death Valley last year. ), and even a clothing and gear exchange. Their boarding house is incredible! Virtual Blue Ridge.com: Ecology of the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Appalachian Mountains. Large game birds like turkey and grouse are very common and falcons, eagles and hawks roam the skies in search of prey. Based on the actual adventure and transformation of Mark Kelley, publisher of this website, who struggled mightily on his hike through the rugged and remote 100 Mile Wilderness on the Appalachian Trail. If you were off the trail and bitten by a poisonous snake, the advice would be to get to a hospital. Buy This eBook from AdventurePossible.com ($4.99). A heavy trash bag could certainly work as well, as long as you make sure it is folded correctly to keep water out. Awesome. Through several trail sections in the 100 Mile Wilderness, you will find that the trail is blazed right through a swamp. An abundance of smaller animals like squirrels, chipmunks, raccoon and opossum live all along the Appalachians. Glad you were able to get help! This sign is at the beginning of the 100 Mile Wilderness, the notorious one hundred mile stretch of the Appalachian Trail from Monson, Maine to Katahdin: Of the 2,000+ plus miles of the Appalachian Trail, this may be the most ominous sign, aside from perhaps the warning message scribbled hastily on paper and affixed to the outside of a disgusting privy. A man hiking the Appalachian National Scenic Trail was bitten by a black bear near the Spence Field shelter. Crossing these streams can kill you. In the 100 Mile Wilderness, you will get wet. 4. Here is another instance how drowning could play out. Maybe you could please point me in the right direction for more information and helpful tips? As a Mainer, I am surprised you did not include getting mauled by a black bear. Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes inhabit Georgia and North Carolina. The same is true for bobcats and coyotes, although beaver are also in abundance and are reported periodically by visitors. Most of these species are spring and summer bloomers but goldenrod, Queen Anne’s lace, wood sorrel and aster can be found in the fall and, occasionally, into early winter. With 255 different species identified, it would be difficult to list all the birds in the Appalachians. I don’t know about the credibility of this site, but here is a saddening list of deaths in Baxter State Park. On the other hand, the summers can be oppressively hot at one time and surprisingly cold at another. Boone had little formal schooling but learned to read and write. 1. Let me know and I can provide some guidance. Some of the more unique species include whippoorwills and fly-catchers while songbirds are abundant everywhere in these mountains. I would recommend Shaw’s Boarding House. Don’t mess with lightning. Though most of the snakes you will encounter will be nonpoisonous, some poisonous snakes do inhabit the Appalachian Mountains. 5 Ways to Spot Dangerous People on the AT, Doctor Grumpy's Ten Tips for AT Thru-Hikers, If These People Can Hike the AT, So Can You, The A.T. Guide by David "AWOL" Miller (2015 Edition), Google Maps is Mapping Hiking Trails with a 50 Pound Backpack, Doctor Grumpy's 7 Ways the AT Will Change in 10 Years, Great Smoky Mountains is the Most Popular National Park, Filming Locations for A Walk in the Woods with Robert Redford. I can second the suggestion for Shaw’s. To keep your sleeping bag dry, consider stuffing it in a lightweight dry bag. In 2000, Glenda Bradley was day hiking in the southeast region of the park when she was fatally attacked by a black bear. Who is the best to make reservations with to get me from airport and stay the night at, before starting the next morning? Wood nettle can be found growing thick in some fields. I suppose it could happen, but, as always, I do not encourage hikers to carry guns on the Appalachian Trail. We don’t have stats on deaths for the 100 Mile Wilderness, Appalachian Trail, or Maine. Our coldest recorded temp is -50° from 2009 , Thanks for the tips…planning to do the southbound hike 2016. I’m quite sure I got a glimpse of one in 2006 in New Hampshire. Stay hydrated my friend, lest you wither in the sun. 3. Lots of planning involved, but looking forward to each and every mile. thru other hikers and drivers on the logging roads. Slips and falls are among the most common types of injuries. Thanks for reaching out. I plan on starting my thru- hike June 1st 2016. Thanks for posting them. Are we investing for the future while we travel long term? Georgia is a beautiful place. I am putting together some info on wilderness survival and would like to include specific number for these kinds of deaths. Thank you, Ray. You Should Avoid These 7 Most Dangerous Spots In Georgia Nature. Clean rooms, welcome showers, friendly staff, awesome food (and lots of it! Mountain vistas and impressive coloration draw human visitors to the parkway, named for the Blue Ridge Mountains it traverses. Accidents happen. A pair of Crocs will get the job done and dry out quickly so that you can wear them around later that day at camp. According to a 1999 study by Kartesz and Meacham, 6,374 plant species are documented in the Appalachians. The southern end of the mountains is more species diverse than any other forest in North America with basswood, tulip trees, ash and magnolia among the variety. Given you’re experience in Maine, you’ll be well aware of the bugs and swamps waiting for you in the 100 mile wilderness. Doing a hike 2016 from Maine south, flying up to Maine from Memphis Tennessee,who do I call to get picked up from the Airport and spend the night before I leave the next morning? Seek medical attention if any swelling occurs, especially of the eyes, as this may indicate a … I tell you this brief aside to show that even experienced hikers fall. Pygmy rattlesnakes can be seen Tennessee and south. Along with a variety of salamanders and lizards, snakes–both poisonous and non-poisonous–inhabit the woods and rocky areas of the mountains. ($4.99), Our family has adopted an approach to modern life that builds adventure into life's trajectory. I know that the Federal official statement does not acknowledge this, but those of us who live in the mountains have seen them close up. And, to your great misfortune, the backpack is cinched tightly to you by your sternum strap and waist belt. Best of luck with the southbound hike. Planning for the hike certainly promotes success. To the north, spruces and firs are plentiful. Forests are described as mixed deciduous with oaks and hickories the most common species of tree found in the Appalachians. Next thing you know, you’re doing pushups on the river bottom trying to get free. Thanks, If you’re starting out on June 1, then it appears your hiking southbound? But I would bet money that the odds of being struck by lightning dramatically increase when you’re standing atop a mountain ridge line above tree line, when you are the tallest thing by five feet for one hundred yards in either direction. Animals … In some places, there are hundreds and hundreds of yards on “bog bridges”, trees cut in half and laid flat face up, end to end as a foot bridge. Great Smoky Mountains National Park contains some of the largest tracts of wilderness in the East and is a critical sanctuary for a wide variety of animals. While walking, use your hiking stick to push aside leaves and brush that cover the path. If you need a pair, check out this article from REI on choosing the right hiking poles. Amazon Top 20 Best Seller for Adventure Travel eBooks. Elk have been reintroduced to the region over the years in parts of North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. Thanks for sharing, Margaret. Known as “America’s favorite drive,” the Blue Ridge Parkway stretches for about 450 miles through portions of Virginia and North Carolina. As a youth, he moved with his Scientists believe the actual number is five or six times that number. © 2013-2016 ProTrack Marketing LLC. In this blog post, we share a number of helpful wildlife safety tips when it comes to preventing dangerous encounters and dealing with animals you might come across on the trail, whether it is bears, snakes, moose, or the elusive mountain lion. In the section under Exposure, you indicate deaths by hypothermia and hyperthermia. I did the Hundy in ’09 and my hiking partner needed to come out twice-once for a back injury, once for a high fever. One last thing, as a reader pointed out,  people have killed people on the Appalachian Trail. Many streams and some ponds are fed by springs and their cold water supports trout. If you could please provide the references you used for this issue, I would be very grateful. I live in Maine, so I’m use to the always changing weather and the hungry mosquito’s and black flies. A seasoned hiker, he had already thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. I had waited out the storm in the valley. Here is another instance how drowning could play out. If you do surprise one of these poisonous snakes, do not freeze. You’re squirming in the muddy water, trying to unclip your pack, but you’re pinned in the water and you drown. Injuring your barefoot on rocks would not be cool in the 100 Mile Wilderness. Imagine you’re walking along these slippery wooden bog bridges. Yes flying into Bangor ME. Agreed on the Mountain Lions. Falls often result in minor injuries and a little embarrassment, but on occasion a hiker might fall and sprain an ankle, break a bone, and, in some cases, die. Maybe it helps. Also, a pair of trekking poles can come in handy to keep balance. Are you starting at Katahdin and then heading south? Stretching nearly 2,200 miles from Alabama in the United States to New Brunswick, Canada, the Appalachian Mountain range is one of the richest temperate areas in the world. The lightning strike blasted the rock, and it struck so close that it knocked me off my feet. There’s no question about it. Protected in the park are some 65 species of mammals, over 200 varieties of birds, 67 native fish species, and more than 80 types of reptiles and amphibians. However, there are a few places that might be a bit hazardous to your health—we’re talking dangerous spots. In case of contact, wash the area immediately in soap and water.

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