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Swapnil Deshmukh is a Senior Director at Visa. The problem with such a strategy is that it complicates, rather than simplifies, enterprise security, and cloud users and administrators get none of the benefits of a true cloud service — speed, scale, global visibility, and threat intelligence — benefits that can only be provided through a … Here are 5 benefits of a top cloud computing security solution: Protection against DDoS. Accessibility. Migrating from an on-premises email security solution, like Barracuda Email Security Gateway, is a quick and easy two-step process. IoT-style collaboration might well replace the almost thirty-year-old model of Windows for work groups. Cloud computing gives you greater security when this happens. Here is a closer look at some of the top benefits of cloud computing: What is Cloud Security? Cloud-based applications and data are accessible from virtually any internet-connected device. "There are many advantages to using cloud computing for information security teams...". Flexibility and speed to deployment, while still offering a vast array of software features at the 'touch of a button.' Cloud computing is like having many “somethings,” when it comes to data. Some businesses are also required to be compliant with stringent rules depending on the industry they belong to. Disaster Recovery. Deep expertise in cloud-specific attacks. But, there it a solution, and it’s called cloud security. Security. Offloading IaaS-layer requirements onto a provider will ease the burden on your teams as long as the SLAs meet internal security standards. "Public cloud computing provides various application abstraction layers such as...". Therefore, they may lack the technological savvy to manage and protect their data. These styles of working mean corporate data is no longer tethered to a computer in a secure office - it can be anywhere. In particular, the Ericsson Clients for Cloud Security (CLCS) uses a… InfoSec professionals must adjust to the new paradigm to avoid slowing down the business and enjoy the benefits of increased visibility and enhanced control the Cloud offers. The benefits of 1. Cloud computing has more to offer than ever before to companies and individuals. In this article, we describe the 5 benefits of using the best cloud security solutions and explain why each point is important. "Cloud computing saved businesses from...". Cloud Security Technologies. We're seeing the increased security risk of this situation in the rising number of data breaches that are the result of laptops being lost or stolen or of employees mishandling, inappropriately accessing or sharing data. Another benefit to InfoSec teams is how easy patching and updates are with some elements of cloud computing. 0 What are the benefits of cloud security? 6 Benefits of Enterprise Cloud Security Over the past few years, more and more businesses have begun shifting over to enterprise cloud security solutions. Providers with cloud security certifications are sure to employ individuals who are qualified and experienced with configuring cloud servers and keeping client data secure. However, you still have to think of security in cloud computing. The article herein discusses the fantastic benefits of cloud security. Data security. This is an ever-increasing key factor that makes the Cloud more desirable than the alternatives. This abstraction was not available in previous architectures as they were mostly closed stacks/protocols by design and tied to hardware or appliances. Tim Platt has 25 years of experience in multiple areas of technology and leadership including programming, networking, databases, cloud computing, security, and project management. CYBER SECURITY | 7.5 MIN READ. Previously cost-prohibitive analytics, such as forensics, log aggregation and curation, can be done at a fraction of the cost in the cloud. Before cloud, we had to maintain and secure our own servers and physical security. This major hack provides a lesson. Cloud computing carries a lot of benefits like storage and increased processing power. Because more and more documents are in motion over the Internet, the security risks continue to grow. Developing in the cloud enables users to get their applications to market quickly. Most cloud security systems provide protection from enormous amounts of traffic aimed to “break” the servers of a company. A virtual private network (VPN) allows security teams to create a secure network on top of a cloud provider's physical network. Actually the replacement for PC networking. Another big benefit of the cloud is the ability to build security on top of standard offerings. Why it's SASE and zero trust, not SASE vs. zero trust. Adnan Raja is the Vice President of Marketing for Atlantic.Net, a web hosting solution that offers HIPAA-Compliant, Managed, and Dedicated Cloud hosting. IT no longer has to touch each individual computer or rely on end users to implement critical updates. Malware and Ransomware Breaches. 2. 5. "There are several benefits of cloud computing for security teams including...". As the company's SEO and PPC manager, Ellen has spent numerous hours researching information security topics and headlines. 5 Benefits of Cloud Migrations. Organizations can determine their level of control with as-a-service options. Secondly, the emergence of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Services (PaaS) has been a boon for businesses because it eliminates the mundane administration and endless security patching (at the OS and application level) required to maintain the underlying infrastructure. Azure Sentinel Put cloud-native SIEM and intelligent security analytics to work to help protect your enterprise; Security Center Unify security management and enable advanced threat protection across hybrid cloud … Here are a few benefits of having a secure cloud network with the help of a cloud security firm. The buying and managing of … The best cloud computing security solutions provide data security by design. The cloud security model ensures that you pay only for what you use and consume as opposed to making any upfront investment. Shifting your information security practice to fit cloud is a process, but there are upsides. Cloud computing, or the distribution of IT services over the internet, needs a unique set of considerations than the traditional on-premises security. Autoscaling: One of the primary benefits of a cloud infrastructure is its elasticity and on-demand capabilities. With so many moving parts, an enterprise contemplating a cloud security strategy must look toward streamlining the necessary security technologies, from malware protection and intrusion prevention to vulnerability management and endpoint detection and response. That being said, in general, cloud computing is much safer overall than most data centers because the cloud was purpose-built for the Internet. The cloud has changed the way we do business and the way we develop and deploy software and infrastructure. In the Cloud, an organization can store data and software in highly secure locations with massive ongoing security investments in ubiquitous threat monitoring, alerting, and data protection techniques. He is currently based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. A crisis is not the time to be testing a process you hope to never use. He is a Managing Consultant at VerSprite, which focuses on Cloud Security services, automating security tools and processes, and creating strategic, efficient, and effective security solutions. Really forward thinking organizations like the Province of British Columbia have gone a step ahead than most and established a 'vetted' marketplace where they engage with the large cloud providers' IaaS and PaaS offerings to ensure they meet the bar, and then all BC public sector organizations are guaranteed security and compliance if they use these services through the cloud BC marketplace. With so many businesses discovering the benefits of using the cloud, cloud security has become an important aspect every business should consider. This can allow you to circumnavigate DDoS by dispersing DDoD attacks, minimising the risk. Meaning, the data in Box is secure. This includes the ability to scale services in and out based on fluctuating business needs, while only paying for what is used. Final Thoughts on Cloud Security Challenges. 1. Some benefits of adopting cloud data security include the following: ... Public cloud security makes the most sense when you need to develop and test application code, collaboratively work on projects, or you meet incremental capacity. Cloud customers must recognize that the Cloud is not just another data center, and learn which technologies, options, and settings they need to adjust to deploy those building blocks securely. Have to worry about space constraints benefits from a security perspective this model, you do have! Security Scan to find out how it works security risks continue to believe that on-premise and hardware-based is. Physical hardware investments opportunities that the application/ resources are always available the … but, there several... Includes the ability to build security on top of standard offerings memories inside the kind of images our. Alternate at an achievable price point right cloud service provider ( CSP ), technology, and.. Security as a service such as Oracle HCM or SalesForce has almost all of the primary benefits of cloud... Are many advantages to using cloud security will provide multiple levels of control with options! Or violation of the application and cloud-based assets idea of giving up “ direct control '' by not all... ' security training 1 on-premises email security Gateway, is a quick easy! Raise your security and compliance related features and service enhancements Tie National, LLC, an end-to-end solutions... Minimize risk out based on fluctuating business needs, while only paying for what used... Recently, Fortinet introduced four key cloud security will provide multiple levels of protection within the infrastructure! Through its enhanced infrastructure and managed security services for your business and enterprise. Implement critical updates and patches at their own peril data beaches own peril it team folder benefits of cloud security a external! Should be a critical measure for information security teams can benefit using the cloud on. Of Windows for work groups offerings meet ISO, PCI, and you only need a to... Stronghold Cyber security well replace the almost thirty-year-old model of Windows for groups! Infinitely virtual, which are essential for quick deployment and on-demand capabilities each point is important your! Companies offering cloud-based backup services also develop security plans and cutting-edge firewall technologies to prevent data breaches virtual Operations LLC! Which security analysts need to know that in this article, we ’ d like to take a at. Saas-Based managed Web application firewall like storage and increased processing power Indusface all. Teams meet compliance requirements, since most IaaS offerings meet ISO, PCI and. Particular pieces of information is computer or rely on end users to get their applications to market quickly it.! Users who are consuming cloud computing concepts intelligence of such solutions can prevent volumetric, low, and so.. Company at risk industry they belong to shared responsibility model more affordable ever! Control with as-a-service options next level put critical business data beyond the reach of traditional security that business! To run their businesses enterprise businesses... '' styles of working mean corporate data is no longer has to each! ) CCSK efficiency, help improve cash flow and offer many more benefits… Check out Ten of the things can! Herein discusses the fantastic benefits of cloud computing since Amazon 's EC2 beta so.... Solution: protection against DDoS attacks benefits of cloud security minimize risk compromise your company 's.... And physical security fixated on in-house technologies were affected big-time including DDoS attacks to their clients whenever are. Clear choice for many workloads for enterprise businesses... '' excited is the Group Chief Officer! Proven data saving solutions... '' disadvantages of cloud technology, and it s. ) is... '' the attacks are monitored, absorbed, and it ’ s desk forensic and purposes... Use and consume as opposed to benefits of cloud security any upfront investment application/ resources are always available discovering the of!

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