do ya thang meaning

do ya thing. Lyrically, it is a complimentary love track that contains "curse" words and a repetitive chorus. [18] Murdoc then scares 2-D by popping up in the room, and he proceeds to go down the stairs using a stair lift as 2-D goes to the living room as the Doncamatic submarine makes a cameo appearance behind him, and finds a previous character from the third album Plastic Beach named the Boogeyman reading a newspaper (while the Dare music video plays on the TV). "Do Ya Thang" was written by The-Dream and Rihanna. He exits his room and checks another one, finding other band member Noodle fast asleep. It then cuts to a scene where 2-D wakes up and changes clothes in 212 Wobble Street, London, SW21 7QJ. may b shes singing the song to tha devil.who knows? The song's lyrics are abstract, as Albarn said it was hard to write them based on a shoe. The song's lyrics are abstract, as Albarn said it was hard to write them based on a shoe. They have such good chemistry that he's almost like her brother and she's confident that no other girl can take her place because they don't have as much to offer, so she allows him to look, because in the end it's more than just appearances that keep a relationship together, a bond like theirs is required. The song features Albarn playing guitar, Murphy playing bass guitar, and André 3000 rapping with a drum machine in the background. Because of this, the 13 minute version of the song was seen as a progression of the song by Albarn. The song was mixed by Manny Marroquin while Erik Madrid and Chris Galland served as mixing assistants. He also co-wrote two more songs on the album: its fourth single "Birthday Cake" and "Red Lipstick", with the latter also being featured on the deluxe edition of Talk That Talk (2011). 2-D then opens a refrigerator and finds the masked figure stuffed inside it, who gives 2-D a carton of milk and a jar of jam. [5], According to Maz Hallima of Flavour Magazine, "Do Ya Thang" has a very "teenager-ish vibe" which according to her works well, however she is aware why Rihanna kept it as a bonus track of the album. The song has a length of 3 minutes and 44 seconds. He's a hit with the ladies and he knows it, which is one of the reasons she fell for him. While singing the lines "Middle of the Day / Give Me What I want / It feels so special / It feels so good" she admits "liking afternoon delights". (function() { However, the newspaper highly praised André 3000's rapping, as they stated "His lines are sick, his pacing is Gatling-gun quick, and he dominates in comparison [to Murphy and Albarn]." [13], A sample of "Do Ya Thang" which uses "catchy", American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, "Rihanna - Talk That Talk - First Review", "Rihanna's new album 'Talk That Talk': First listen", "Rihanna's Talk That Talk – Reviewed: Do Ya Thang", "Rihanna's 'Talk That Talk': A Track-By-Track Guide To Her New Album", "Flavour Review: Rihanna – 'Talk That Talk, "South Korea Gaon International Chart (Week, November 20, 2011 to November 26, 2011)", "2011 Top 40 R&B Singles Archive 3rd December 2011", "UK Singles Chart / CLUK Update (3.12.2011 – week 48)",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Vocal recording – Kuk Harrell, Marcos Tovar, Recording – Mikkel S. Eriksen, Miles Walker, Mike Anderson, Mixing Assistant – Erik Madrid, Chris Galland, This page was last edited on 22 September 2020, at 00:43.

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