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The bouquet offers more than 120 video channels with 11 audio stations. Details are in this article as you read down. I have 2 decoders on extra view.How is it possible to get to R1126. You may need to find others ways of watching today's match. Hello, Hill! Dstv Nigeria is a satellite cable TV owned Multichoice. Channel 223? DStv Confam offers a wide range of entertainment, sports, documentary, news, and kid’s shows. it might not even get 20 channels. Let us now take them one after another, exposing all the HD channels and their numbers as obtainable on the DStv channel grid. Lots of people use this Digital Satellite Television in Nigeria due to the many channels it offers. Please scroll down to see all individual channels in the DStv Premium package.. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I have the family dstv. Surprisingly, it is the same CNN on DStv channel 401, which is received in HD if your decoder and TV are full HD devices. The price for the DStv Confam package is 4,615 naira per month. However, the DStv premium package contains the highest collection of HD channels. The app is for SA only. If you have any questions, please drop them in the comments section below or join our DStv Group on Facebook for interactions, updates, and tips on DStv Easy View and any other DStv-related issues. is it possible for someone in South Africa to pay for my local registered dstv account? DStv Confam Bouquet is the perfect choice for people who desire to give their families the best viewing experience. DStv channel number listing (2015) Written by TVSA Team from the blog DStv on 20 Mar 2015 Favourite this post. DStv Confam channels list, with channel numbers; Movie Channels on DStv Nigeria Packages; EBOOK. If you want to relish the high-quality service of DSTV, then you should get yourself a premium bouquet. Hi, Lilian! Note that HD channels are not included in the DSTV Family package. See the latest list below. No, Zoe. Hi! Save our WhatsApp number 060 060 3788. Are you showing casualty and Holby city from channel 119 on another channel. way of payment is big problem Hi. In one of DStv official statements, they maintained that one High Definition channel consumes equal bandwidth as four SD channels put together. There are currently 9 sports channels on dstv compact and you can find them in the updated list above. We are only trying to give out the best. Are you strapped for cash? The dstv premium is a dstv package with a total of 174+ channels grouped into 11 categories.The price for the DStv Premium Package is 16,200 Naira per month. With more than 120 stations this bouquet offers, you and your family should be ready for an intense and loveable view experience. I made over $300 during the total lockdown in April and I want to share how I did that with you. Interestingly, DStv has been building up its collection of channels broadcast in High Definition. 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This page is for DStv Nigeria subscribers. I made over $300 during the total lockdown in April and I want to share how I did that with you. My problem is may channels which I have paid for n I can't see them because of the black screen or E48. There are only two High Definition channels for Lifestyle and Culture category on DStv. Bloggers are never informed about such changes. However, ShowMax is a DStv third-party service […], Hello, today I bring to you a very ...[...], Welcome to the Recharge and Earn (RAE) ...[...], Everyday, I receive complaints and ...[...], This year, GOtv packages a total of 35 ...[...], A new GOtv package is now replacing the ...[...], In this article, you will see the ...[...], This year, MultiChoice introduced so ...[...], This article explains in details what ...[...], Copyright DIGITECH MEDIA-2019.All right reserved Theme: Default Mag by, Movies Category – Complete HD channels on DStv, Entertainment Category – All High Definition Channels on DStv, All High Definition Channels on DStv Kiddies Category, All High Definition Channels on DStv Documentary. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); DStv Confam Channels List 2020, Numbers, And Package Price. High Definition or HD channels on DStv are value-added contents on the list of TV stations offered by the satellite TV brand of MultiChoice. To make payment for DStv Confam Bouquet is simple. Doing that will mislead a lot of people once the list gets outdated. This page is for DStv Nigeria subscribers. Hello, Gertrude. The Dstv Compact has 140+ channels in 11 categories. Pricing and number of channels. With more than 120 stations this bouquet offers, you and your family should be ready for an intense and loveable view experience. What is happening or is it no more on that package? Here, you will find the complete confam channels list, numbers and pricing. My name is Ekemini Robert, Creator of Electronics Diary. Hurry, don’t wait! Enter your email address to subscribe to receive notifications of new posts by email. I have an idea. Starting from June 2020, DStv replaced Family with Confam and also swapped DStv Access for DStv Yanga. This package is only available to users living in South Africa. … These channel numbers make it easy to directly locate any of the DStv HD channels, either from the grid or remote control. You will find Supersport 5 on Dstv Compact Plus and DStv Premium. Are you strapped for cash? Hi I have a decoder and when plug in it has no sound only shows picture we’ve tried every nothing seems to be working what could be the problem. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Related: What to do if Your Dstv Remote is Not Working, Related: Full List Of Dstv Family Channels. Payed last month at spar. So I don’t think it’s just a DStv problem. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This page is for DStv Nigeria subscribers. You can view channels in pdf or download dstv compact channels pdf and view them offline. And it appears dstv compact does not have Supersport 5. If you find any errors of omission, please drop a comment below. channel 191 – SABC 1 HD COPYRIGHT © 2020 ELECTRONICS DIARY. Finally, MultiChoice DStv launches this super rich entertaining online live TV and video platform. Then you go through the two packages and pick the one what best meets your needs and is also affordable. I think they are more comfortable with the way things are right now and I think that is because there is no real competition in that space. You will find channels TV (254) there. It’s never intentional, Fanus. DStv Compact Plus Channels List, Numbers And The Bouquet Price, Startimes Decoder Prices, Bouquet Prices, And Channel Lists, DSTV Customer Care Number In Abuja, Contact Address, DSTV Premium Channel List, Numbers And Price, CCTV Entertainment – Mandarin Entertainment Channel, DStv Confam Payment can be made by visiting your bank, You can pay for the bouquet by visiting the nearest DStv branch office, You can also pay for DStv Confam by using internet banking methods, USSD is another payment option that can be used to subscribe to the DStv Confam Bouquet. The DStv Confam bouquet is a great DStv package you can get for your family. Enter your email address to subscribe to DTMEDIA.tech and receive notifications of new posts by email. Your email address will not be published. All Free to Air HD Channels on DStv. I don’t want to post channels I won’t be able to update. Please see the detailed list above to learn what you will get when you subscribe to Easy View. See the detailed list of channels below. WhatsApp number: 060 060 3788. Hello, Nyikadzino! You can now view and also download your DStv Easy View channels in PDF. For the reason that all recent decoder models are on HD display technology, the satellite pay-TV giant is trying to argument for contents in HD. This article also features among other things, price of the DStv Premium subscription. Related: Full List of Dstv Compact Plus Channels, Related: The Complete List of Dstv Premium channels. Oh, in case you still haven’t heard, DStv family is officially dead and has been replaced by DStv confam. Managing your DStv account has never been this easy. Check your connections. You can also discover the full list of channels on other dstv packages by viewing the articles below. Other featured categories also include documentaries, sports, children, music, news and even some High Definition channels under the free-to-air DStv broadcast. What to do if GOtv Remote is not Working December 3, 2017 70 . It has now become easier to contact DSTV installers in Centurion online, and you can view their website to know more about them. what do i do…. Which of the packages have supersport 5, please? Users in South Africa should visit DStv premium channels SA. Note: Starred channel may not be available at the moment. I don’t feel good about posting radio stations just to leave them there for years without any updates. If you are confused about anything please let me know in the comments session below. Your email address will not be published. So they can always do what they want because there is no rival waiting to take their unsatisfied customers. Scroll down to see the detailed list of all the channels in this package. Please scroll down to see all individual channels in the DStv Premium package. If you are a DStv user living outside SA, then you cannot subscribe to the Easy View plan. Just by punching these numbers on the remote control, you can find these HD channels. Moreover, in this article, you will get to know about all the DStv Confam Channels list on the bouquet as well as the price and how to subscribe to the DStv Confam package. Join our new Facebook group created for DStv customers only. Can I take the Indian channel with Access channel. The table above shows the summary of channels in individual categories and the total number of channels in the Dstv compact package. I have an idea. I'm sorry. but it is not. Contact @DStv or @DStvCare on Twitter. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This bouquet gives you access to 113+ video channels and 11 audio outlets.

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