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I like it. Free shipping. Watch; Used Paul Reed Smith Prs … From Japan. This is a PRS SE singlecut, in the antique white. Pre-Owned. $3,130.30. Today I traded it for a PRS SE Singlecut. Purchased from: Ebay Features — 9 This review is for a 2009 Paul Reed Smith SE Singlecut made with a korina body. This guitar is very well made. It was made in Korea and … From Japan. I like it a lot. The SE Custom 22 features 22 frets, while the Custom 24 features 24. Made in Korea. Last week I traded my old amp for a Ibanez super strat with a Floyd Rose looking bridge. However, Indonesian guitars have really improved their quality in recent years, while still being cheaper to produce than South Korean guitars due to the lower labor costs. $888.00. Typically, PRS SE Custom guitars that were made in South Korea are seen as superior compared to the PRS SE Standard guitars that are made in Indonesia. As compared to the Standard SEs, they feature slightly upgraded finishes—like a maple cap and veneer where the Standard SEs feature all-mahogany bodies. I like it but for the life of me I could not get it in tune. specs: 22 frets - wide fat neck carve mahogany body mahogany neck maple top w/maple veneer set neck rosewood fretboard 25" scale moon inlays PRS designed stoptail 2 PRS designed humbuckers 1 volume, 1 tone with a … Paul Reed Smith Custom Series SE models are the step between a Standard SE and a main-line PRS model. Used Paul Reed Smith Prs Singlecut Trem 10Top Guitar *Zvn427. ... Paul Reed Smith PRS SE Standard Made in Korea 2006 Natural Electric Guitar. Pre-Owned. Buy It Now.

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