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The program implements two search algorithm – linear search and binary search. Our function will take three arguments: the array to search, the number of elements in the array, and a value to search for. (Linear Search Method). The linear search is probably the oldest search algorithm, it goes through each and every element of the unsorted array and look for the key, you are searching for. Find Maximum and Minimum Using Pointers. Problem Definition. Then, you can create b as VLA, and pass it back to linearsearch again to be populated. If you want to stick with using VLA for b, you can alter your linearsearch to return count only if b is NULL. int count = linearsearch(n, a, x, 0, 0); int b[count]; linearsearch(n, a, x, count, b); Then, your function could look like: Linear search is a very simple and basic search algorithm. C … Let's apply a linear search algorithm and write a function to carry it out. Simple Binary Search Example - Array and Functions Enter 5 Elements for Searching : 1001 1020 3002 4001 5000 Enter Element to Search : 3002 Search Element : 3002 : Found : Position : 3. In this blog on “Linear search in C”, we will implement a C Program that finds the position of an element in an array using a Linear Search Algorithm.

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