is light speed travel possible

This was something scientists long found difficult to understand. And it led to important revelations about the relationship between energy and matter. The natural energy they possess, travelling as they do in waves, means that the moment they are created, they are already at top speed. His theory of special relativity explores many of the consequences of these universal speed limits. First published on Sun 12 Jan 2014 06.51 EST. After that, the energy would have to continue being provided constantly in order to ensure the process did not fail. And yet, even though the distance has increased, Einstein's theories insist that the light is still travelling at the same speed. Mass and energy are the same thing – this is a profoundly important result. In Maxwell's equations, the speed of electromagnetic waves is a constant defined by the properties of the material through which the waves move. BUT – every experiment for over 100 has shown that special relativity is correct. But there was a problem in applying Newton's laws of motion to light. Now the train starts to move (in the direction of the ball), and you again measure the speed of the ball. In the early 1960s, William Bertozzi at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology experimented with accelerating electrons at greater and greater velocities. Because electrons have a charge that is negative, it is possible to propel – or rather, repel – them by applying the same negative charge to a material. Another interesting situation concerns particles that seem to be expressing the same properties at the same time, no matter how far apart they are. Light is the Universe's broadcast. Second, according to special relativity objects don’t just move thru space – they also move thru time (i.e. Although internet technicians like to talk about communications travelling at "the speed of light" through optical fibres, light actually travels around 40% slower through the glass of those fibres than it would through a vacuum. Notwithstanding the Millenium Falcon’s ability to jump to hyperspace, travel at the speed of light, or faster than the speed of light, is not possible according to the theory of special relativity. Although Ereditato said that he and his team had "high confidence" in their result, they did not claim that they knew it was completely accurate. Why is it so important that this speed of light rule be so strict? And are we really sure that nothing can? "We worked out that, if you assume a ship that's about 10m x 10m x 10m – you're talking 1,000 cubic metres – that the amount of energy it would take to start the process would need to be on the order of the entire mass of Jupiter.". In reality, the photons are still travelling at 300,000km/s, but they are encountering a kind of interference caused by other photons being released from the glass atoms as the main light wave travels past. In other words, it will make it harder to increase its speed. There are galaxies in the Universe moving away from one another at a velocity greater than the speed of light.

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