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"[298] Civil rights clashes were on the rise that year. Full of energy and ambition, Jack’s father worked very hard at becoming a successful businessman. [155], On October 14, 1962, CIA U-2 spy planes took photographs of the Soviets' construction of intermediate-range ballistic missile sites in Cuba. Logevall provides meticulous analysis of young John Kennedy’s copious letters, student essays and Harvard senior thesis, diary entries as JFK traveled in pre-World War II Europe, missives from the South Pacific combat zone, and journalistic articles drafted as a military veteran for Hearst newspapers on the founding United Nations conference and Britain’s 1945 election.

It ambitiously promised federal funding for education, medical care for the elderly, economic aid to rural regions, and government intervention to halt the recession.

Despite low inflation and interest rates, the GDP had grown by an average of only 2.2% per annum during the Eisenhower administration (scarcely more than population growth at the time), and it had declined by 1% during Eisenhower's last twelve months in office. [336][337] His memo concluded that a manned Moon landing was far enough in the future that it was likely the United States would achieve it first. Along with Richard Nixon and Joseph McCarthy, Kennedy was one of several World War II veterans elected to Congress that year. Ruby successfully appealed his conviction and death sentence but became ill and died of cancer on January 3, 1967, while the date for his new trial was being set. This was needed in exchange for votes to expand the membership of the House Rules Committee in order to give the Democrats a majority in setting the legislative agenda. He was convinced that he could bury Goldwater under an avalanche of votes, thus receiving a mandate for major legislative reforms. He was active in student groups and sports and he worked hard in his history and government classes, though his grades remained only average. In 1927, the Dexter School announced it would not reopen before October after an outbreak of polio in Massachusetts. Thousands of Americans joined together, people of all races and backgrounds, to protest peacefully this injustice.

[296], Both the President and the Attorney General were concerned about King's ties to suspected Communists Jack O'Dell and Stanley Levison. Vaughn Meader's First Family comedy album, which parodied the president, the first lady, their family, and the administration, sold about four million copies.

By the time Vol. In the national popular vote, by most accounts, Kennedy led Nixon by just two-tenths of one percent (49.7% to 49.5%), while in the Electoral College, he won 303 votes to Nixon's 219 (269 were needed to win). Attended the installation in Rome of Pope Pius XII with his parents and family. [194] Lodge was instructed to try getting Diem and Nhu to step down and leave the country. [338] Full text. Nevertheless, de Gaulle was quite impressed with the young president and his family. [204], In late October, intelligence wires again reported that a coup against the Diem government was afoot.
Kennedy's initial reaction was to ignore this, as long as free access from West to East Berlin continued.

Kennedy ranks highly in polls of U.S. presidents with historians and the general public. He proposed a new Civil Rights bill to the Congress, and he went on television asking Americans to end racism. Before leaving for Dallas, Kennedy told Michael Forrestal that "after the first of the year ... [he wanted] an in depth study of every possible option, including how to get out of there ... to review this whole thing from the bottom to the top". Intelligence had been sent to Kennedy's Commander Thomas G. Warfield expecting the arrival of the large Japanese naval force that would pass on the evening of August 1.

[101] Stevenson let the convention select the Vice Presidential nominee. "[79] Campaigning around Boston, Kennedy called for better housing for veterans, better health care for all, and support for organized labor's campaign for reasonable work hours, a healthy workplace, and the right to organize, bargain, and strike. JFK's earliest memories involved accompanying his grandfather Fitzgerald on walking tours of historic sites in Boston and discussions at the family dinner table about politics, sparking his interest in history and public service.

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