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King & Country, Britains, Collectors Showcase, John Jenkins, Thomas Gunn, Team Miniatures and Naked Army. 7 figs, car, hut and base arrived. FOR FURTHER INFO SEE INFORMATION MENU TAB ABOVE. Collectable Military Figures, Toy Soldiers , Replica Medals & Medal Mounting, Military Prints & Picture Framing. Andy, a former Royal Marine Commando had been interested in and collecting toy soldiers since a young boy. Archers also coming. KING & COUNTRY was founded in 1984 in Hong Kong by two expatriate Scots, Andy C. Neilson and Laura McAllister. 2 mounting up & a new officer. We offer best-selling ranges such as NAPOLEONICS WARS, CRUSADERS & SARACENS, AMERICAN INDIAN WARS - THE REAL WEST, FIRST WORLD WAR (Australian Lighthorse, Gallipoli Campaign 1915 and Lawrence of Arabia) and Second World War (D.DAY 1944– American & British, Parade in Berlin 1938, Fall of Berlin – German & Red Army, Royal Air Force, Battle of the Bulge – German, British and American , Wehrmacht, Operation Market Garden), Apart from these we also have new series including English Civil War (1642-1651) - Pipe & Musket, World of Dickens, as well as Robin Hood. Laura provided the solid business background and support. Check out our good value sets from King & Country and John Jenkins (Bargains at top left menu bar)  MORE BARGAINS ADDED ON 2 APRIL. 22 JAN 20 Check out our WW1 King & Country items at reduced prices in Bargains category. John Jenkins Roman series - future releases. King & Country Australian Long Tan set arrived. John Jenkins new series "El Cid" starting in December. Team Miniatures Boxer Rebellion Italian Bersaglieri arrived. John Jenkins Johnnie Johnson Spitfire (with or without beer kegs) arrived. King & Country ANZAC artillery set arrived. 12" figures at main side menu for available ones). KINGS X COLLECTORS CLUB; About Us; Dramatic Display "Collector" Magazines & Leaflets; Dispatches; King & Country Workshop & Special Projects; Contact Us; Kings X Updates; The CHICAGO TOY SOLDIER … Also available in khaki. From humble beginnings, KING & COUNTRY has developed into one of the world's major designers and producers of all-metal, hand-painted 1:30 scale military and civilian miniatures. King & Country King and Country's broad diversity of historical eras and subjects is unparalleled in the toy soldiers world. John Jenkins P51 Mustang arrived. Laura provided the solid business background and support. below). Thomas Gunn King George V, Generals Monash and Haig and Aussie VC awardees arrived. What’s more, Streets of old Hong Kong, and Three Kingdoms - Imperial China series authentically present the Chinese culture while Pre-WW2 Deutschland 33, Fields of Battle, Life of Jesus series also portray civilian life. KING & COUNTRY was founded in 1984 in Hong Kong by two expatriate Scots, Andy C. Neilson and Laura McAllister. John Jenkins 1066 series now started. Retired & Sold Out. Thomas Gunn  Australian Vietnam Landrover arrived (MG figure comes seperate). King & Country Wellington Command set arrived. New brand Team Miniatures American Indians now in stock, AUSTRALIAN FIGURES - PLENTY OF CHOICES IN STOCK - SEE SUMMARY PAGE AT TOP OF LEFT MAIN MENU. John Ford's Cavalry Column from King & Country, John Jenkins Australian Light Car Patrol (4 cars and crew available). XM020 The Young Carol Singers by King & Country (Retired) $129.00. Retired & Sold Out. John Jenkins Carthaginian series (see major news update in that category). AS COLLECTORS and K&C DEALERS ALREADY KNOW collecting Toy Soldiers is a great hobby and a whole lot of fun… They also make terrific gifts for all kinds of occasions especially for friends who may not be collecting yet… but do love history! Thomas Gunn German Street signs arriving soon. King and Country Australian soldiers in Vietnam - arrived. More available. Other items to follow. Compare. King & Country Napoleon and his staff arrived. In addition to their metal toy soldiers, and miniature figures, the company has also developed an amazing and expanding range of scale model buildings, fighting vehicles, and tanks, ships and aircraft, all made of polyresin. YA03 One Lonely GI and His Dog by King and Country (Retired) $29.00. John Jenkins War of the Roses series group image. King & Country new Napoleon, his Mameluke bodyguard and mounted Generals. YA02 Three Defenders with Machine Gun by King and Country (Retired) $69.00. Please note if you came here from the UK purchasing this series will compulsory ! John Jenkins South Carolina Zouave Volunteers. Laura provided the solid business background and support. Toy Soldier Market : KING & COUNTRY - THE CATALOG - KING & COUNTRY - THE CATALOG Honour Bound (Retired) K & C - NEW RELEASES - OldNorthwestTrading (Retired) JOHN JENKINS DESIGNS - CATALOG Figarti Miniatures (Retired) K & C - RETIRED by Number Thomas Gunn (Retired) W Britain (Retired) Christmas Collection Aviation Vehicles The Great War 1914-1918 Just Arrived Musicians At … See K&C Lighthorse category. Thomas Gunn German Generals arrived. More images in JJ Roman category. Note another Aussie M113 is in the works. King & Country Russian Naval Infantry arrived. K&C has been our most popular brand for over a decade. Compare. King & Country is having a sale on some Lighthorse items (incl. was founded in 1984 in Hong Kong by two expatriate Scots, Andy C. Neilson and Laura McAllister. King & Country US M113 and crew and riders arrived. Compare. John Jenkins Hedjaz Armoured cars and crew (in stock), Arrived from King and Country - 8 Gallipoli figures, Naked Army 12"figures - 2 new WWI/2 figures arrived. PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT SHIP OVERSEAS (FOR THE BENEFIT OF SOME WHO MIGHT NOT BE SURE OVERSEAS INCLUDES USA). Andy, a former Royal Marine Commando had been interested in and collecting toy soldiers since a young boy. 1st pair in October. K&C Xclusives Series provide collectors special toy soldiers which are Available Direct from King & Country Only. New brand Team Miniatures Boxer Rebellion arrived.

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