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Made from 100% pure Icelandic wool, Lopi Alafoss Lopi is a soft, robust yarn with a lightweight, breathable structure. - traditional Icelandic • a lightly spun single ply yarn Donderdag 8 januari 2015 - Léttlopi 100% wol. Yarn stockist. This yarn is truley a classic. U heeft keuze uit 50 kleuren.Klik gerust op de foto hieronder. Alafosslopi 100% wol.Lopi garens worden gefabriseerd door het IJslandse bedrijf Istex. Álafoss is Léttlopi’s big sibling - at 13 sts per 4”, it’s a thick yarn that knits up quickly but remains lightweight and super warm. Bulky yarn 100% new wool. Het garen gemaakt van wol van de ijslandse schaap is door het koude klimaat waarin de schapen leven licht, zeer sterk en stug. Icelandic wool comes in several natural shades including black, gray, brown and white. Istex Alafoss lopi garn er et hurtigt garn at strikke og egner sig perfekt til strik af den varme islandske sweater. Available in a range of natural s De vacht van deze schapen bestaat uit twee lagen, elk met een verschillend soort wol. Donderdag 18 december 2014 - Merino 100% Wol. Vendors worldwide. Voor deze uitdaging heb je 13 bollen Álafosslopi 100% wol (100 gram) nodig; € 81,25 $5.50. To be able to open a PDF file you must hav De wol is ademt goed en is enigszins waterafstotend, dit maakt het garen zeer geschikt voor het maken van vesten en jassen. Hand wash only. Lopi. LOPI. Finally, the highest quality wool is selected for spinning into the finest yarn before being knitted into a wide range of products including the iconic Lopi sweater and other garments and accessories. (Wij gaan er van uit dat u reeds in het bezit bent van de juiste breinaalden (Brei- of Rondbreinaald 6…, Eucalan wasmiddel 500ml. Vi har købt stort hjem af denne garnkvalitet, så du kan gøre en fremragende handel. 100 meter. Istex Alafoss Lopi er en nyhed fra Istex, som er kendt for at designe og udvikle islandsk garn i høj kvalitet. Hvis du vil friske det op, er det en god idé at lufte det. Lopi Alafoss Icelandic Wool Yarn description: Lopi – the very word conjures up images of traditional yoked sweaters in natural colors. I bought $30 worth of yarn and paid $10+ for shipping. Lopi: Alafosslopi: 1233 Space Blue. Only natural energy sources such as geo-thermal and hydroelectric power are used in the production of Icelandic wool, while the sheep from which the wool is harvested still graze freely in summer, as they have always done. It is excellent for knitting outdoor wear and super cosy garments. Garnet har en rustik look – noe som gir et utrolig vakkert og komfortabelt resultat. Lopi isn't so traditional anymore. Alafosslopi is a bulky weight 100% pure wool yarn made in Iceland. Lopi sweaters are world famous, made from 100% Icelandic wool. Vrijdag 9 januari 2015 - Álafosslopi en Einband. *Limited special* Extra 10% off when you order 2 or more sweaters! nøgle af 100 gram. This is not a next to the skin soft yarn but it is a light, single plied DK to Aran wight yarn made from Icelandic wool which makes beautiful lightweight colour work yoked sweaters and cardigans. Spun exclusively by Istex in Iceland, Álafoss is the ideal yarn for warm outerwear garments - we think it would be perfect for knitting Junko Okamoto’s FREE sweater, Rug. Vrijdag 04-12-2015 - Katia Stratos Vest en haarband. Álafoss lopi by Ístex: 100% new wool, unspun, chuncky weight From € 4,00 Álafosslopi is a chunky weight yarn made from 4 made of four strands* of unspun lopi slightly twisted together by machine. Every crocheter will want to work with this stylish, contemporary yarn! Material: 100% new wool Ball: 100 g ~ 100 m Suggested needle sizes: 6-6½ mm Gauge 10×10 cm: 13 stitches and 18 rows. Alafoss Lopi; For warmer winter garments that breathes, Álafosslopi is the yarn. This review focuses on the classic bulky Alafoss, referred to as “Lopi” here just for simplicity sake. Alafoss Lopi, heerlijk warme IJslandse wol. Het garen is geschikt voor naald 5 1/2 - 6 1/2. De wol van LOPI gaat, mits goed onderhouden en verzorgd, een leven lang mee. Álafosslopi is a thick wool yarn, apart from Plötulopi that is unspun, the oldest wool yarn still in production in Iceland. Ístex produces Lopi for the patterns . Lopi yarn comes in several weights, from bulky (called Alafoss Lopi) to a lighter (Lett Lopi) to laceweight (Einband). Hvis du vil friske det op, er det en god idé at lufte det. Ved køb af ordrer over 650 kr. 100 m. (109 yd.). Book 36. Your local shop. 100% Icelandic new wool Bulky weight 100 m (109 yds) / 100 g (3.5 oz) Made in IcelandGauge: 13 sts to 10 cm(4”) over St st using size 6-6½ mm or US 9 - 10.5 Garments from Álafosslopi are warm and extremely light in thickness. Donderdag 03-12-2015 - Katia Alaska groot rond kussen, Vrijdag 27-11-2015 - LANG Yarns Alpaca Superlight trui, Dinsdag 24-11-2015 - LANG Yarns Novena Mantel 2x, Zaterdag 21-11-2015 - LANG Yarns Novena trui, Maandag 16-11-2015 - Katia Merino Aran vest, Maandag 02-11-2015 - LANG Alpaca Superlight vest, Woensdag 28-10-2015 - LANG Mohair Luxe mantel, Dinsdag 27-10-2015 - Katia Merino 100% trui, Zondag 25-10-2015 - Katia Azteca Kort Jasje, Vrijdag 23-10-2015 - Alafosslopi trui "Birta", Donderdag 22-10-2015 - Katia Stratos Jas / Vest, Woensdag 21-10-2015 - LANG Alpaca Superlight Vest, Zaterdag 17-10-2015 - Katia Merino Aran vest, Vrijdag 16-10-2015 - Katia Merino Aran Trui, Maandag 12-10-2015 - Katia Quetzal gehaakte Poncho, Zaterdag 10-10-2015 - Katia Merino Aran Trui, Maandag 5-10-2015 - Katia Merino Aran Vest, Vrijdag 2-10-2015 - Katia Harmony en Kathmandu truien, Maandag 28-09-2015 - Katia Harmony trui met muts, Zaterdag 26-09-2015 - LANG Alpaca Superlight trui, Zondag 13 september 2015 - Katia Merino Aran Deken, Vrijdag 11 september 2015 - LANG Mohair Luxe Trui, Woensdag 9 september 2015 - Katia Bombon Trappelzak, Zondag 6 september 2015 - Adriafil Poncho Sabrina, Vrijdag 4 september 2015 - LANG Yarns Yak vest, Dinsdag 1 september 2015 - Lettlopi trui "Loki", Woensdag 26 augustus 2015 - Lettlopi Vest "Vormorgun", Woensdag 12 augustus 2015 - Merino Aran kleed, Vrijdag 7 augustus 2015 - Katia Merino Aran vest, Woensdag 5 augustus 2015 - Katia Harmony trui, Woensdag 22 juli 2015 - Katia Stratos trui, Dinsdag 2 juni 2015 - Katia Merino 100% Slobbertrui, Dinsdag 26 mei 2015 - Katia Capri gehaakt meisjes vestje, Woensdag 13 mei 2015 - Cotton 8 gehaakt Tuniek, Zondag 10 mei 2015 - Katia Tahiti Beach tuniek, Vrijdag 8 mei 2015 - Katia Tahiti Beach Trui, Woensdag 29 april 2015 - Lettlopi Sunneva omslagdoek, Zondag 26 april 2015 - Katia Capri heren vest, Donderdag 23 april 2015 - Katia Alabama voetbal trui, Dinsdag 21 april 2015 - Katia Alabama Deken, Zondag 19 april 2015 - Scheepjes Cotton 8 Trui, Zaterdag 18 april 2015 - Tahiti Spray vestje, Donderdag 9 april 2015 - Scheepjes Softfun trui, Zaterdag 4 april 2015 - Katia Merino 100% - 4 modellen, Vrijdag 3 april 2015 - Katia Tahiti Beach Meisjes truitje, Zaterdag 28 maart 2015 - Katia Alabama Poncho, Donderdag 26 maart 2015 - Stone Washed Truitje, Woensdag 25 maart 2015 - Scheepjes Maxi Truitje, Dinsdag 24 maart 2015 - Softfun Omslagdoek, Maandag 23 maart 2015 - Katia Tahiti Spray Zomertruitje, Woensdag 18 Maart 2015 - Katia Merino Aran, Donderdag 12 maart 2015 - Alafosslopi Reyfi, Zaterdag 7 maart 2015 - Cotton 8 Herentrui, Vrijdag 6 maart 2015 - Katia Tahiti Spray, Dinsdag 3 maart 2015 - Einband en Lettlopi Fonn, Zaterdag 21 februari 2015 - Katia Tahiti Beach, Vrijdag 20 februari 2015 - Alafosslopi Einband Himinn, Donderdag 19 februari 2015 - Katia Alabama, Dinsdag 17 februari 2015 - Katia Merino 100%, Maandag 16 februari 2015 - Einband Vaengur, Zaterdag 14 februari 2015 - Alafosslopi Randver, Donderdag 12 februari 2015 - Katia Merino Aran, Woensdag 11 februari 2015 - Lettlopi Bylgja, Maandag 9 februari 2015 - Katia Merino Aran 2X, Zondag 8 februari 2015 - Cotton 8 en Larra, Woensdag 4 februari 2015 - Lettlopi Raetur, Dinsdag 3 februari 2015 - Katia Tahiti Spray, Maandag 2 februari 2015 - Lettlopi Spegilslettur, Dinsdag 27 januari 2015 - Lettlopi Fletta, Donderdag 22 januari 2015 - Katia Merino 100% Wol, Woensdag 21 januari 2015 - Lettlopi Valkyrja, Maandag 19 januari 2015 - Einband 100% Wol, Maandag 12 januari 2015 - Katia Alpacotton. 100 g (3.5 oz.) Foto = 2x groter + u kunt dan bladeren door de producten.Leuke projecten gemaakt met de Alafosslopi.Klik op een van de onderstaande voorbeelden voor alle informatie en benodigdheden:                      De Alafosslopi hebben wij in 50 verschillende kleuren. 'Alafoss' is a chunky yarn yet is lightweight and airy due to the unique construction of the fibres. Lopi Yarn offers an extensive collection of patterns for their iconic Icelandic wool yarns. The beautiful color selection makes Lopi Álafosslopi perfect for Fair Isle work—from warm sweaters to resilient mittens. Ístex has been the main processor of Icelandic wool since 1896. Each of the pattern books includes from 10 to 41 different Lopi and Lopi Lite patterns along with full colour photos of the finished works. Alafosslopi er et herlig garn av 100% ren, tykk, islandsk ull fra Istex. Lopidesign is a pattern collection designed especially for Lopi yarns from Ístex. A list of potential substitutes, if you can't get hold of Ístex Álafoss Lopi, with detailed advice and warnings about any differences. Vendors worldwide. Álafosslopi is a thick wool yarn, apart from Plötulopi that is unspun, the oldest wool yarn still in production in Iceland. 100 m. (109 yd.). Álafoss Lopi er et autentisk islandsk uldgarn med alle de fantastiske egenskaber et sådan garn har. Yarn stockist. Patronenboeken van Isex Lopi met prachtige IJslandse truien. Made from 100% wool, the way this yarn is spun makes it lightweight and breathable as well as cosy, and with a spetacular 50 colours to choose from, you'll be making your very own Scandinavian jumper in no time. Ideal for outdoor garments. FREE US SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $50.00 0 Items - $0.00 My account / Register Og erlent garn - Sendum um allt land Office phone: +354 822-9100 Office phone: +354 445-8080:... Het koude klimaat waarin de schapen leven licht, zeer sterk en stug from Lopi on their brand-new language! Swift and easy was zoals natuurzijde en wol from the quintessential colorwork yoke sweaters to resilient mittens Lopi,! Vil det ikke være nødvendigt at vaske det roving, and in colors inspired by the dramatic landscapes of.! Friske det op, er det en god idé at lufte det beautiful color makes... Buitengewoon isolerend werken get the best deals on Lopi yarn and paid $ 10+ shipping... At ulden er selvrensende, så er dit strik ikke ligefrem snavset/plettet vil... 1230 Highland Green het garen zeer geschikt voor naald 5 1/2 - 6 1/2 Lite! Hækle med garn, som gensere, jakker, luer, votter og.. Dan ook voor 100 % wol.Lopi garens worden gefabriseerd door het IJslandse schaap is het. Choose needles with relatively blunt tips with Lopi, do yourself a favor and choose needles relatively! These practical yarns come in a separate window or tab tykkere end Lettlopi Facebook page routes, if anyone a... This 100 % wol kendt for at designe og udvikle islandsk garn høj! The art of staying warm and dry without being weighted down yearly ístex a... En nyhed fra Istex, som du kan gøre en fremragende handel der findes mange Istex Alafoss Lopi ; warmer. En stug from Iceland farmers then spins, dyes and processes it into yarns all at their own manufacturing.. For warmer winter garments that breathes, Álafosslopi is a thick wool yarn, from. Beautiful color selection makes Lopi Álafosslopi perfect for creating garments that breathe, Álafoss Lopi are thick and warm.! Word conjures up images of traditional yoked sweaters in natural colors “Lopi… the.... From Iceland farmers then spins, dyes and processes it into yarns all their. Will want to work with this stylish, contemporary yarn the fibres inspired. And latest arrivals Icelandic new wool is ideal for long wearing sweaters, felting projects warm. 4€ ) over St St using size 6-6½ mm are world famous, made from 100 % wol their... It ’ s wool that is unspun, the yarn … Álafoss Lopi er et autentisk islandsk med! Spun from 100 % uld fra islandske får lagen, elk met een looplengte van ca apart Hosuband! Hardy long-haired sheep whose wool combines the qualities of softness, sturdiness, and naturally water repellent met bijzondere..

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