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It’s wonderfully fragrant and imparts a spicy kick to the sandwich without being overtly spicy. “Kosho” refers to the chilies added. Cook marinated chicken over BBQ grill or frying pan until chicken … To balance out the savory chicken… Yuzu kosho is a chili paste that’s made with chili peppers and yuzu zest, along with salt. Yuzokosho is a paste made by fermenting yuzu zest with fresh chilies and salt. Yuzu Kosho citrus chili paste. Serves 2 2 Pieces ‏Chicken Thigh or 1 Breast (Cut in Half) ¼ c ‏Kewpie Yuzu Kosho Dressing Directions In a plastic bag, add chicken and dressing. I first purchased yuzu kosho … Mix well and keep in refrigerator at least 6 hours. I’ve seen recipes for cranberry kosho and other citrus variations but I think buying a jar of the traditional stuff is a good place to start.

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