needed in a sentence

Picking up the paper, she glanced at it to see if it was something that he needed to keep. Somehow she needed to get Alex to check this out – without telling him she or Josh had been here. Rhyn was weak but drew only what he needed to survive; he was both hunter and hunted. He tried to hold the flashlight, but he needed both hands to secure the line. His gentle tug was all the encouragement she needed. After the earthquake, many houses neededto be reconstructed. The sensations humbled him, and he thought again of Mansr's words, that he needed to be more than an exiled war planner. Neither did Death sit back and wait to discover the information he needed to do his job. If she was going to be there all day and night, they needed more than that. Actually, Josh was more than she needed, and Katie was more than she could afford. I gave him Frank Vasapolli's phone number and told him I would pass along his number to Frank if I thought it was needed. The reason we need to breathe is to provide the oxygen, She had the compassion to offer help when it was, Because of the delicacy of the situation, we, Instead of 101 ways to stuff a poussin, surely the readers, The man that we are putting on for the addressograph work is for a service that has long been, Initially, Quakers had no ordained clergy, and thus, Peasants in Russian and Ukrainian societies often shunned witchcraft, unless they, They contained a lot of timber, which was often unseasoned and as a result, Calculations showed that Fawkes, who was skilled in the use of gunpowder, had deployed double the amount, Third, Burke warned that democracy would create a tyranny over unpopular minorities, who, He talks about the role of women in marriage and how it, Nevertheless, they were asked to return to Brussels as they were regarded as being competent and were, His mother wanted him to have a public school education, but his family could not afford the fees, and he, Widening and the removal of its houses was completed in 1763, but it remained relatively narrow and, The music section of the YMCA's education department, Of these earlier incidents, only one led to people being hurt, but at the Apollo Theatre 76 people, This is run with time clocks so the lights are only on when they are, By October 1977, Chaplin's health had declined to the point that he, I miss London very much but I couldn't live there because there came a time when I, The departure of the British Library to a new site at St Pancras, finally achieved in 1998, provided the space, A possible application may be found in diffuse meningiomatosis but further confirmations are, During lateral motion the leg in the direction of the movement moves first while the opposite leg provides the force, The scent of the gray fox is not as strong as that of the red, therefore more time is, In the second case, however, no such metabelief is, Crowd sizes were regularly increasing and a new site was becoming, Great Britain had won the first Test three weeks earlier at Wembley, and, However, as Saints became a more national institution, they decided that a more recognisable badge, A new board of directors took over in 1989 when and injected some much, Equestrian sports provided entertainment for crowds and honed the excellent horsemanship that was, The equation was simple, Prost and Piquet, Senna himself had made numerous comments that the Williams FW16 had quirks which, As a solo pilot, this was a difficult thing to do in a moving aircraft, as the pilot also, He argued that states were analogous to 'organisms' that, It provides studies, information, and facilities, Such forms were often created even when not strictly, The milkhouse should be well insulated so that a minimum amount of heat will be, After hours of mind-numbing work sorting hundreds of nearly identical form, he, With 17 out of 58 votes in the Bundesrat, Berlin, Germany was not weighted down with an expensive worldwide empire that, In practice, however, the forces that were, By the end of 1940 the Luftwaffe had suffered heavy losses and, The Germans lacked the trained pilots, the effective fighter aircraft, and the heavy bombers that would have been, However, before the Marshall Plan was in effect, France, Austria, and Italy, Her strategy was to destroy the NF attack by agreeing that many Britons did have serious fears that, Arthur's men then retreated to a cave on the slopes of Y Lliwedd, where they are said to sleep until such time as they are, In addition to considerable building work, the armed forces, Following the 2011 elections to the Welsh Assembly, Labour increased their number of seats to just one under the amount, Britain's main weapon was the Royal Navy, which could control the seas and bring as many invasion troops as were, The HVO commanders had calculated that they, Following the elections, however, the threats intensified once again but a galvanising event was, This activity was, however, heavily constrained by politics, as each target, This was particularly acute on short haul flights as there was insufficient time to allow the unit to cool before a restart was, By 1921, it was becoming apparent that aircraft capacity, Vast expanses of arid desert are ideal for storage because hangars are not, There were many compound locomotives especially where long periods of continuous efforts were, Such bulbs are much smaller than normal incandescent bulbs, and are widely used where intense illumination is, During the eighties it was apparent that additional trains would be, At the peak of construction up to 14,000 people are expected to be, After his back injury, Phillip motorized his canoe to reduce the amount of paddling he, The choice of proppant depends on the type of permeability or grain strength, They had to work for their landlords in return for the patch of land they, The NMC produced guidance for nurses and midwives on raising concerns which aims to help them take action in the public interest when, Stoppard's father remained in Singapore as a British army volunteer, knowing that, as a doctor, he would be, Minimalism argued that extreme simplicity could capture all of the sublime representation, Lewis Balfour and his daughter both had weak chests, so they often, His mother allowed him to live free of charge in her house in South Kensington, but he nevertheless, The lesson to be drawn from the events of 1914, to Roosevelt's mind, was that civilization, When Niven presented himself at Central Casting, he learned that he, He wrote that Hegelianism stood the movement of reality on its head, and that one, Small batted last of the Hambledon Five and, Other identity documents such as passports or driver's licenses are then used as identity documents when, To get a bank ID card either a Nordic passport or another passport together with Norwegian residence and work permit is, If primary or secondary alcohols are to be reacted with hydrochloric acid, an activator such as zinc chloride is, Paper currency notes were of such low value that several bundles were, All lawyers by trade, Radcliffe and the other commissioners had all of the polish and none of the specialized knowledge, Various government agencies do, and are often required to, furnish documents in the various languages, Irrigation has generally not been necessary, but drainage systems are often, Considerable administration, archives and research resources are also at the disposal of the whole Parliament when, The Protestants changed the scenario to fit their ideology that the church, At the turn of the 4th century, the northern border was again stable but, The king was to provide protection and help, when they, The Cheviot's disadvantage was that it was less hardy and, Haig opposed this, believing that cavalry would still be, Since the 1970s Sherab has trained a number of western practitioners in the highly specialised techniques, The IPPR thinktank stated that Scottish unionists, A lord not only had greater ability, but also, If it seemed that the patient would recover but still, The Procurator Fiscal can either issue a letter or warning, and where, Counterfeit banknotes are destroyed unless they are, Many a wife would keep her husband's brass curling stone handle on the mantelpiece, brightly polished until the next time it was, The Allied armies fell back 40 miles in confusion, and facing defeat London realised it, Once early farmers perfected their agricultural techniques like irrigation, their crops would yield surpluses that, They noted that direct evidence from ancient DNA may be, It is possible that Jaenberht refused to perform the ceremony, and that Offa, A lull probably occurred early in the afternoon, and a break for rest and food would probably have been, Edward probably hoped that the marriage would strengthen his position in Gascony and bring him much, The demand for iron was also fuelled by the Royal Navy, which, As more and more coal mines were sunk the population grew to fill the jobs, The aldermanic, mayoral, and other city offices are filled through nonpartisan elections with runoffs as, When predators could see their prey from a distance, new defensive strategies were, Beds that preserve fossils typically lack the radioactive elements, In this species, the smaller the kestrels are, the less food is, Historically, there has always been enough salmon, as people would not overfish, and only took what they, It provided for a system of reopening sound banks under Treasury supervision, with federal loans available if, Livestock require water not only for their own consumption, but also for watering the crops, Lack of space at the mint and with Decimal Day looming it became apparent that the mint, Although initially excavated for export, coal was soon also, Those who had been baptized in the Trinitarian fashion, The Powder House building was used to store explosives, The project plan at the start of the project suggested that 100,000 visitors were, By 1958, the WRU had concluded that a new national ground was, The lack of precision timing components in early television receivers meant that the timebase circuits occasionally, Over the past decade Peters has replaced the band members as, The entire system could be installed in about 48 hours on a container ship or RORO, when, This example highlights that considerable time and effort is, Although much effort has gone into restoring salt marshes worldwide, further research is, Sea turtles spend almost all their lives submerged, but must breathe air for the oxygen, Off the Crozet Islands, mothers push their calves onto the beach, waiting to pull the youngster back if, For most work, careful handling in a fume hood is sufficient, and a glove box is not, With foreigners already wary of investing in Thailand, the last thing the country, The reason for this antigolf legislation was that it was interfering with the regular archery practice, After several days in the bush, he had grown lax with his barbering and, Around the age of four months, the cortex begins to refine the connections, One bozon is the exact amount of stupidity and lack of scientific knowledge, Its rules are so simple they can be explained in two sentences, yet the brainwork, A good bricklayer should be able to calculate the number of bricks, At times like this, he buttled when Spriggan the butler was not on duty, or if an extra hand was, So when Brown's second wife turned out a reg'lar ternygrunt, I wa'n't in no wise upset, for he, The crux of her argument was that the roadways, What a wonderful explanation of why cuntservatives, Blade shearers could shear, crutch, mules or dag sheep anywhere they were, A variety of specialists and their skills are, Fill, grading, removing boulders, de-mucking and any other preparation, At a command to lift his legs, Savin switched out the plug for another electrosex variety, adding the, On one hand, many of the children in our study clearly saw e-safety as an important issue that they thought, Further research on the essentiability of flavonoids as an essential food factor is, Compadres visit each other frequently, usually several times a week, and assist each other with labor whenever an extra pair of hands is, Adam continued to moan in hypnotic agony.

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