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We're kind of a little crazy. We’ve always gotten it from somebody. That’s what we paid attention to. If you believe in supporting local music with quality journalism, donate to The Key today! TK: This sounds like a bond beyond just your tour’s three bands. It isn't until the fourth track, "The Flammable Man," that the band's trademark mix of whirring guitars, dissonant melodies and blazing rhythms makes an appearance. Most of the time, though, our music reflects an effort to combine combatant guitar combinations with a specific vision for production. This website does not rely on corporate funding, because The Key is a nonprofit public service dedicated to supporting the local music that you love with independent reporting. "Nobody has to do anything for you," Marshall concludes. “I love to listen to theme songs and scores abstracted from their visual components. TK: Has the fan base always been supportive? The Rhode Island–based "artcore" experimentalists — who since 2002 had earned an infamous reputation for their aggressive noise rock and confrontational live shows (which often featured excessive nakedness ... and bodily fluids) — had just put the finishing touches on their third, self-titled album, a veritable masterpiece of cacophonous heaviness. There’s a resurgence now, though – they keep making us, which makes sense that Show Me the Body is playing – of that sort-of physical music we do. In time, we’ve come to understand that what the people who listen to our band appreciate or even expect is that we are making the effort to push ourselves to try to develop something fresh that functions.”. Now, I can tell you that we did a video game score not long ago, and that is a very vocal community. , and they mentioned that Mike Patton was a fan. Still, by the end of our second album’s release cycle, we found that people were at least starting to positively catch on to the idea that we were stretching out and trying to do something different. When you’re embraced by such an insular scene- noise/drone – anything that you do will disappoint them if you make a change, if there’s more people at your show, anything like that. We do the most we can with our limited physical and conceptual abilities to find ways to add to Daughters, which means that, in a way, the final product contains some amount of unpredictability, even for us.”, The needs of Daughters supersede any preconceptions people outside the band might have of them. Plans were soon laid to bring Daughters—who also include drummer Jon Syverson and bassist Sam Walker—back into the present. It’s like a classic punk style, but they’re pretty different. Even with our recent press photos, and I’ll be the first to say, they’re not amazing, but we had people on message boards calling me a ‘twink.’ They made fun of the clothes we were wearing. There’s a cognitive dissonance to that evolution. It makes for great stories, and I know that people love that shit. Daughters (EU) Daughters (Northeast) Daughters (EU) Daughters announce new supports for upcoming shows; Daughters (US and Canada) That’s shit. Prior to forming Daughters, vocalist Alexis S.F. That acclaimed effort, You Won’t Get What You Want, landed on several best of lists in 2018. Endless touring, financial hardships and interpersonal tensions had made for a toxic atmosphere. “It’s not that I don’t care about what the folks who like our band think about what we’re doing, but step one in this whole process has to be in taking care of the creative needs of our band. ", Leach: "Being in Killswitch today is worlds apart from what it was 10 years ago". Endless touring, financial hardships and interpersonal tensions had made for a toxic atmosphere. Oddly enough, back then, when we were booking our own shows, we were supposed to play with Daughters in Providence until they broke up right before the show. , landed on several best of lists in 2018. Thanks to all the donors who make our public service possible!GET IN TOUCH, Did you find what you were looking for? Not to sound douchey, but it’s about expanding your sound palette, sonic exploration, finding different ways to do this. ". For one of the most daring and unhinged noise rock bands of recent times, it looked like it was finally the end. There’s a black metal band who toured Europe who spread animal blood all over the stage, and by the next day everything smells like rotten animal. I started writing from a more selfish standpoint as to what I needed to get out, and from, this new record – to catch us up to what I love without erasing our identity.

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