old gangster movies

| Director: Francis Ford Coppola 154 min James Cagney is the maniacally ruthless Cody Jarrett who has a weird thing for his mom as well (“Made it, Ma! But when all is said and done, the full cut of Once Upon a Time in America is one of the top five best gangster movies of all-time. The Harder They Come is perhaps best known for its infectious reggae soundtrack, which holds its own against the best movie songs. The Long Good Friday is also significant because of its detailed re-creation of Cockney crime. | Ann Sheridan, R Stars: | Loud, obnoxious, and violent, this fascinating look at the mob’s run in Vegas leans again on Robert De Niro and Jose Pesci, with Sharon Stone giving one her the best performances of her career. Martin Scorsese’s third directorial feature Mean Streets is one of his most influential. He originally wanted the film to be split into two three-hour features but the studio told him he had to cut it into one film. It’s raw and brutal. Signature line "Say hello to my little friend", I can't see that clip too many times. The relentless gunplay at the end might’ve been a bit much though. It’s a decades-spanning story of friendship and loyalty in the mob in New York City. Russell Crowe, Both films are masterclasses, but it’s The Godfather Part II that takes the top spot on this list, for its flawless execution of gangster film themes. Josh Brolin, Votes: ", R Mark Wahlberg, Votes: The wealth and grandeur that pushed the 1920s through, exhausted itself entirely for the decade to come. Gabriel Byrne, 111 min Stars: James Cagney, Director: Stars: One of the early gems from the Coen brothers, Miller’s Crossing sees them apply their trademark mix of dark humor, violence, and stylish filmmaking to this dense Irish mob tale. But (arguably) the best gangster film director of all time turned in a strong effort here with a beefy cast (Jack Nicholson, Leonardio DiCaprio, Matt Damon) and plenty of twists and turns. But at the heart of the picture, is an important commentary on gangster celebrity. Saying something against The Godfather is like complaining about winning a million-dollar lottery — nobody wants to hear it. Year: 1987 A solid (mostly true) story and two acting greats fuel Donnie Brasco to its very solid standing in the pantheon of mob movies. John Randolph, Director: Howard Hawks & Richard Rosson When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Director: Martin Scorcese | Accolades: Entered into the Criterion Collection in 2009. Francis Ford Coppola turned Mario Puzo’s classic novel into an unforgettable epic, led by Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone and a young Al Pacino as Michael Corleone. Stars: 114 min Gene Hackman plays New York detective “Popeye” who uncovers a New York City drug trade with a French connection (Ha! The Killing also shares many similarities to the 1955 film, Rafifi; both films exist in a transitional space between “Hollywood” gangster movies and film noir. The film is also a warning to the audience about the effects of gentrification and how institutions proliferate crime to keep people down. Goodfellas is a film that I’ve watched nearly a dozen times and have found a new way to appreciate it every time. 108,122 I  am, you are, she is, they will be — these are all things ... Who is the best movie villain of all time? Kubrick’s picture follows a career criminal's last dance of stealing $2,000,000 at the racetrack. Accolades: Academy Awards — 1 Nomination (Best Supporting Actor), and 4 Wins (Best Picture, Director, Adapted Screenplay, and Film Editing). | Year: 1974 For an action-crime-thriller movie, Heat is surprisingly invested in the dialogue of its characters. Purchase:  Amazon DVD | Amazon Download | iTunes. This is the most iconic gangster film ever made. 229 min Scorsese said that he was attracted to the idea of making films about him and his friends. Based on the real life story of mobster-turned-informant Henry Hill (played by Ray Liotta), the film spans 25 years and grips you tightly from start to finish, with Joe Pesci’s performance burning an indelible mark in your head. The Untouchables is a Prohibition-era crime film that mixes police procedural and thriller to a satisfying degree. |

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