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While they could easily be foreshadowing -Shalnark’s is- it would feel somewhat cheap to make sure these expired fortunes are fulfilled. The Phantom Troupe (in Japanese: 幻影旅団, Genei Ryodan) is a world famous gang of thieves and a criminal organization in the anime/manga series Hunter X Hunter. She is a Conjurer type. Shizuku traveled to Yorknew city with the other troupe members to attack the auction, under the orders of Chrollo Lucilfer. Machi is one of the founding members of the troupe and is considered as the physically strongest female member in the troupe. She joined after a different member was killed by Silva Zoldyck. Feitan, Phinks, Shizuku, Bonolenov, Shalnark, and Kalluto went Meteor City to defeat the Chimera Ants who have taken over and enslaved several citizens. Also, for this theory to be true no other Spider should die on the ship, or... ever, I guess? She is also a skilled pickpocket. He is also considered as the strongest fighter in the troupe in terms of physical strength. Little is known about his abilities and he is the only Phantom Troupe member who has not yet showed his Hatsu. Criminals Cookies help us deliver our Services. [11] Shalnark stated that Shizuku's ability is a rare breed. He is second to Uvogin when it comes to the physical strength. Accessibility Help. At 19:00, the lights suddenly go out. She then gave Pike several wounds, and then sucked out his blood with Blinkey. The Spider(s) He thus suggests using "Toraemon" to make off the island with all the special items instead of just 3, and without clearing the game or needing to save. Pakunoda is the former #9 member and one of the founding members of the troupe. or. The Phantom Troupe serve as the main antagonists of this arc, although they act partially as anti-villains as a significant part of their motivation is to protect their friends. She later wonders what to do with the two boys and is befuddled by Nobunaga's sudden hilarity. "Breaking the rules means rejecting the Spiders, and Chrollo, too. Despite using her weak hand, she proves to be a tough contender. Chrollo, who was healed, and Hisoka fought to the death in Heaven's Arena. [38] Four days later, while she plays a game of chess with Kortopi next to Pakunoda's grave, Shalnark invites the two to accompany him into the game. Kurapika & The Phantom Troupe Arc Greed Island Arc Chimera Ants Arc Rescue Gon & Chairman Election Arc Weapons, Techniques & Nen Abilities Weapons Techniques Nen Abilities. After meeting with the residents, the Spiders decide to take matters in their own hands. The members of the Phantom Troupe will slaughter anyone without hesiation. Siper - Killed by Illumi Agon - Sliced across the chest with a card by Hisoka. He is a Conjurer type. Log In. Each members possesses their own various Nen abilities He is also a member of the Gyudondond tribe. Shizuku is the troupe member #8. Shizuku and the other members disguised themselves to rescue Uvogin. Johness - Heart ripped out of his chest by Killua. He joins Phantom Troupe as the replacement of Hisoka and hopes to find Killua. She has the ability to conjure a vacuum cleaner named Blinky which sucks in everything except for living things or objects made of Nen. Steal as much as they can, Kill Kurapika and Hisoka and avenge their fallen brethren. When the latter reveals he is no longer able to use Lovely Ghostwriter, Shizuku comments that his book is like a Death Note, which prompts Bonolenov to chide her. His ability ‘Double Machine Gun’ allows both of his hands to become shotguns. Illumi Zoldyck | Kalluto Zoldyck | Silva Zoldyck, Neutral I am not only referring to the fact that Shalnark died two years later, but that aside from there being a ringing phone at the moment of his death (and his inability to use his ability actually feeling like foreshadowing, though back in Yorknew it could have simply referred to Chain Jail stripping him of his Nen or a bunch of other stuff), his death does not match his prophecy exactly, for example because since Yorknew he has used his phone more times than the fortune would have allowed him. [5] Nonetheless, she forced Gon to use his full strength in their contest. [48], Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Shizuku is at least as fast as any member of the Phantom Troupe as seen during the pursuit of the "Chain Dude"[32] and the speed at which she jumped out of a car when Owl landed on it. Help the Phantom Troupe Chrollo is the leader of Phantom Troupe who originated from Meteor City. Headquarters, Shizuku can conjure a vacuum cleaner she calls, (To the Spiders, seeing an army of mobsters), The name of Shizuku's Nen ability probably derives from "出目" (. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HunterXHunter community. Shizuku believes in the rules that Chrollo set forth for the Phantom Troupe and is against members fighting one another.

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