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With a Shaman haste spell on it this weapon becomes … So it definitely isn't better than the reaver. Armor. "Dual platform crossbow., "I am the master of entropy and death. It is far too slow to be used at full delay). That doesn't include my frenzy which tears em up. Universally despised and feared, the Reavers rampaged across Telara, destroying communities, toppling kingdoms, and leaving a wide swath of destruction and death in their wake. Sword of the Crypt Keeper was nerfed... it has a recommended lvl of 55 and it doesn't proc until lvl 30. Fire Emblem Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. 10+20 (MP) It fires up to 30 5.56×45mm cartridges from the 30Rnd STANAG magazine. Using the perk Slappy Taffy, melee kills are a one hit kill until scene 19, generating a massive amount of money for the player in posession of this weapon variant. The Reaver is a rare, named variant of the DD-Mk18. If it's affordable I'll get the reaver but not after buying better armor, etc. The Reaver can only be obtained for Create-a-Class through the Black Market. Class Skills To counteract the low damage up close, the Reaver possesses an extremely fast fire rate, firing as fast as the player can pull the trigger. Level 1 (MP) Level 23 (ZM) I am not certain what the formulas are. Saw it on Rodcet Nife at the cheapest for 3k, usually runs for 6k. On the TVS server, reavers sell for 5-7k in the bazaar so don't buy the high priced ones. Name (JP) In Shaolin Shuffle, it is found in the Heebie Jeebies club, next to the Mosh Pit Trap. The Reaver class is available under the Warrior calling. The Reaver is a combat physical class exclusive to Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Bang Bangs and Quickies can turn this shotgun into a potent close quarters weapon that can take out large amounts of zombies easily. Silently delivers lethal bolt projectiles." wow... im gonna have to agree with you on this one... that was a dumb-*** post... my iq has been reduced from reading it, i shall go now and try to recover from it. Reaver In Rave in the Redwoods, it is found near the boat to turtle island, in a cave in the rave area, and on the path that connects the mess hall to White … In terms of attachments, the player unlocks the Extended Mag attachment at weapon level 2, boosting the magazine size to 15. THAT is also a good reason to make it Magical! The Reaver is a selective-fire, magazine-fed, 5.56mm rifle. I also remember when they where dirt cheap because of it. Reaver C86 With a Shaman haste spell on it this weapon becomes a 40/28 (30% haste) or 40/24 (40%haste). )but considering what mob drops this and the difficulty in obtaining it, 5k and 4k is a joke! Weapon Class With the fun and success I've had wielding this beast I'd rather destroy it than give such a good weapon away(well maybe not! Magazine Size Call of Duty Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Everyone says the Widebladed Greatsword is better, but consider: they both have the same ratio, 1 to 1, only difference is instead of resistances you get buffs to attributes with Greatsword and 25 AC with Greatsword. /shrug I might have to go get one for my war on SZ now. The Reaver, when upgraded, turns into the Grim Reaver, gaining more damage and a higher magazine capacity. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Magazine Size Reavers are warriors who combine the art of combat with the entropic energies of death. Call of Duty Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I liked it and all, but this weapon was bad for raids becuase it wasnt magic. Don't know why other posting say the Reaver is nonmagical, rest assured, my Reaver is magical (patch anyone?). In Sticks and Stones, it behaves more like the classic Crossbow from Call of Duty: Black Ops, having only 1 bolt per reload with a timed explosive tip. actually, best twink item ever (for people under lvl 20) is swiftblade of zek. Warriors should avoid 2 handed weapons anyway they get better aggro hold using 2 low delay procing weapons with much more hits, and aggro from each hit. Maximum Ammunition I dont believe you have ever played or even grped with a melee character in EQ after that amazingly misinformed post. . Average hit is 60-70. Too many were finding their way to lowly level 20s. WOOT! Reaver's weapon of choice is his trusty Dragonstomper .48, though it looks more like a Toy Gun than the formidable pistol in Fable II and Fable III. Nolan's battle model as a Reaver. It is available for customization at level 23. It is available for customization at level 23. None the less i still carry a cheap 2hs for the occaisional magic encounter, right now i'm using a weighty polearm, which is very nice considering i picked it up for 175pp. Shove, Critical +5, Colossus 10 rounds (15 w/ extended mags) ". Reaver Unlocked 1 Multiplayer 2 Attachments 2.1 Optics 2.2 Other 3 … Considering who drops it, I don't think the weapon was ever intended to be non-magical. Special Paid 10 plat for this from a Bazaar trader and 20 plat for a Shard of Night, my new SK is a happy troll! After reading all the post I definitely feel like I overpaid for it - but it kinda levels out the playing field a little what with all the twinkies and ebayers that now inhabit EQ! In addition to their main weapons, reaver bosses also carry daggers: the Reaver Outlaw and Reaver Thug carry a steel dagger, the Reaver Highwayman carries an orcish dagger, and the Reaver Plunderer and Reaver Marauder both carry an elven dagger. Like death itself, Reavers grind down their opponents slowly; but as such they are not effective at quickly neutralizing a single opponent. Don't know why other posting say the Reaver is nonmagical, rest assured, my Reaver is magical (patch anyone?). oh BTW, I have have since learnt that Rogues CAN and DID pickpocket the old non-magic Reavers. This is a high-risk/high-reward discipline, since most of the abilities benefit the warrior when their health is low, but the battle prowess given to the warrior makes a Reaver the definitive offensive specialization. 1 Description 2 Acquisition 3 Ability tree 4 Talents 5 Known Reavers With the Reaver specialization, your warrior turns the chaos (and pain) of battle to their advantage with a series of powerful (and potentially … The Reaver weighs alot, though.....stamina problems..... At one point of time this wep was non magical. The design of the Reaver looks similar to the. Isn't it funny how it has awesome resists &'s not a magic item. It's true, and I was going to sell it LOL :). Yes there are weapons with better bonus stats on them but in the end the only thing that matters is dps. Might be able to get it for 4k that's why i'm saving up. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Since no "ubers" or highbys would be caught dead with a non-magical weapon, the non-magic Reaver were gotten rid off at fire sale prices (2K to 5K) at the bazaar. Cant wait for the 400s at 50+! Gung-Ho has a Tier 3 perk allows for shots while sprinting in case the player is surprised by an enemy player or has little time to halt mobility. The Reaver C86 appears within the Zombies mode exclusively from the Mystery Box. Unlocking all 16 skins awards the Ice Reaver Weapon Collection achievement. Within point blank, one shot kills are best left not to dependence. The Ice Reaver weapon skins is a set of weapon Black Lion weapon skins that was introduced with the May 26, 2020. With the Reaver specialization, your warrior turns the chaos (and pain) of battle to their advantage with a series of powerful (and potentially dangerous) offensive oriented abilities. Animals flee in terror. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Shotgun Drawing on the very energies of the Plane of Death, and embracing the resulting madness, these warriors became masters of a terrifying and brutal fighting style.

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