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I don't even care about you. Ironically, he spent most of series 8 either in his prison jumpsuit or his battle fatigues. [36], In the first episode the Cat is introduced wearing a pink suit, which Danny John-Jules described as feeling "like an old Cab Calloway suit". 104. Rimmer does so by playing his father's message, which he is only supposed to do once he becomes an officer. By Series IV, the Cat becomes less obsessed with mating, and begins to develop a friendship with Dave Lister and Kryten, although he maintains a strong dislike for Rimmer. Instead, however, it lands the crew in a female-oriented parallel universe with another version of Red Dwarf. More purchase options. [17], In Back in the Red (1999), Holly creates a new set of nanobots to bring the entire crew on board Red Dwarf back to life after Kryten's had gone missing again. The computer of the mining ship Red Dwarf, Holly (Norman Lovett), mentions that after a crisis where all of Red Dwarf's crew had died in a radiation leak, chicken soup machine repairman Dave Lister's (Craig Charles) pregnant cat, along with her unborn kittens, were sealed in the hold while Lister was put into stasis as punishment for keeping an unquarantined cat on board. Returning to the part of space where they were last seen, the crew discovers Red Dwarf has been converted by the nanobots into a planetoid made of sand and Holly restored to his old settings and abandoned there, with the Red Dwarf Starbug spent years chasing after being a subatomic version shrunken down and eventually exploring Lister's laundry basket, and the remaining bits they didn't want being left on the planetoid. Kryten orders the nanobots to rebuild Lister's arm and turn the planetoid back into Red Dwarf. He is simply referred to as "Cat" in lieu of a real name. TV-14. The Promised Land heads to BritBox - plus a ... Red Dwarf Omnibus edition now available in Czech Republic! [20], In Red Dwarf: Back to Earth (2009), set nine years later, Red Dwarf is intact; the human race is apparently "virtually extinct" in the universe apart from Lister again; Lister, Rimmer, the Cat and Kryten are the only people on board the ship; and Rimmer is shown to be a hard light hologram and the most senior officer on board again; how these have come about and what happened to the micro-organism is not explained. 8min. Not being able to find anyone on Red Dwarf, a vending machine (voiced by Tony Slattery) informs Rimmer that everyone crossed back into the mirror universe. However, upon returning to the normal universe, the paper with the formula on it turns into the micro-organism's formula. Here, Lister got put into stasis because he smuggled a pet rat on board, rather than a pet cat. As a character he is vain and aloof, and loves to dress in extravagant clothing. The rat race did not have a religious war when they evolved, but stayed on Red Dwarf, living on most of its decks. Kryten and Rimmer speculate that they were able to choose whether or not they wanted to wake up because of the strengthened antibodies of the four from the previous encounter with the despair squid. [26], The Cat exhibits qualities of vanity, such as in "The End" (1988), where his first words are "How am I looking? The "Cat" first appeared in Red Dwarf's first episode "The End" (1988). )[39][40], Elyce Rae Helford "'OK, homeboys, let's posse!' Cat is a fictional character in the British science fiction sitcom Red Dwarf. [8], In "Demons and Angels" (1992), Red Dwarf is blown up when the beam of a device called the triplicator is put into reverse, putting the engine core into meltdown, while creating a "high" and "low" version of Red Dwarf, complete with their own versions of the Cat (both played by John-Jules). This proves that Rimmer no longer cares what his father has to say, and is free of this "demon" inside of him messing up his head, leading to a successful attack devised by Rimmer which defeats the simulants. In part one of this special, the posse meet three cat clerics who worship Lister. Smeg Ups. Included among the resurrected crew is Rimmer, after the hologrammatic simulation of Rimmer left Starbug. The machine opening the way to the mirror universe is shown to have been destroyed by the micro-organism, leaving Rimmer stranded and the only crew member aboard Red Dwarf in his universe. [32] He has been described as "a vain, preening fashion plate who resembles James Brown with fangs",[33] and Danny John-Jules has described the character of Cat as based on a combination of Little Richard's look, James Brown's moves and Richard Pryor's facial expressions. Bonus (1) Bonus: Red Dwarf Comic-Con Panel 2020. Rob Grant and Andrew Marshall's radio hit back for a second series. Camille is seen as whatever the person who is looking at her desires the most, being described by the Cat as what his "perfect mate" is. [5], "Parallel Universe" (1988) shows Holly's "Holly Hop Drive" trying to get to Earth within a few seconds. [13], In the following episode, "Tikka to Ride" (1997), Lister mentions in a video log that the future Starbug destroying the Starbug of the present meant the time drive they had used ceased to exist in both the present and the future, or in other words, killing the present crew of Starbug in the present also killed the crew in the future, making it impossible for the future crew from ever going back in time to kill themselves in the present. The Promised Land - on DVD and Blu-ray from Monday! Red Dwarf Just The Shows (Series 1 to 8) - 10-DVD Box Set ( Red Dwarf - Series I to VIII (52 Shows) ) [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.2.4 Import - United Kingdom ] Craig Charles 4.6 out of 5 stars 796 "[citation needed]. This leads them to be shown being pulled into the nearest "valid" reality. [21], In "The Beginning" (2012), the Cat deduces that Rimmer's long-dead father (Simon Treves) is continuing to haunt him, preventing Rimmer from coming up with a plan to battle a simulant fleet. They confront the "Creator" of Red Dwarf (Richard O'Callaghan) on a version of 21st century Earth who is ready to kill off the characters, and Lister accidentally kills him. [4], According to Lister in "Me²" (1988), there are no other cats apart from the Cat himself aboard Red Dwarf. "[30] This behaviour becomes less prevalent as the series goes on. His extreme self-confidence results in him thinking himself to be irresistible to women. I'm looking nice! The four subconsciously realise that they're hallucinating, and they wake up on board Red Dwarf. Lister vows to help them as they are being hunted by a feral cat leader known as Rodon. Subtitles. [3], In "Waiting for God" (1988), Holly translates a holy book written by the Cat's people for Lister, in which Lister is described as the cats' god "Cloister", and that his plan of buying a farm on Fiji and opening up a hot dog and doughnut diner has become their idea of Heaven, with Fiji known to the cat people as "Fuchal". He is a descendant of Dave Lister's pregnant pet house cat Frankenstein, whose descendants evolved into a humanoid form over three million years while Lister was in stasis (suspended animation). [34] When auditioning for the show John-Jules attended the audition in character, wearing his father's wedding suit, which he described as a "zoot suit". The four nearly commit suicide together, but a mood stabiliser saves them at the last second. [6], In "Timeslides" (1989), the Cat race temporarily ceases to exist after Lister is seen travelling back in time by entering a photographic slide with mutated developing fluid to convince his younger self (played by Emile Charles) to become wealthy and successful and not join the Space Corps. More purchase options. He is played by Danny John-Jules. Buy HD $2.99. Lister vows to help them as they are being hunted by a feral cat leader known as Rodon. Because there was no one else around, the Cat had to teach himself, and because the Cat barely knew anything to begin with, lessons were "long and slow", especially on Thursdays when he had "double nothing". In the episode Cured it is revealed that he is a psychopath because of these characteristics. While scent-marking, he repeats, "This is mine, this is mine, and all of this is mine. He is depicted as flea-ridden, and having an interest in smelling people's behinds and a fear of baths. [7], The pleasure genetically-engineered lifeform (GELF) Camille appears in the episode "Camille" (1991), and is perceived differently depending on who is looking at her. Rather than having a female Cat on board, however, this universe's version of Red Dwarf instead has a male humanoid Dog (played by Matthew Devitt). [29] In the episode "Backwards" (1989), Lister asks the Cat if he cares about anyone but himself, to which the Cat responds, "Hell no! [22], In "Can of Worms" (2016), the Cat becomes the host body of a genetically engineered polymorph's eggs after the polymorph disguises herself as a female Felis sapien (played by Dominique Moore) and goes on a date with the Cat. In the episode, a Starbug from fifteen years hence arrives, with Lister, Rimmer, Cat and Kryten's future selves intending to copy some components from the present Starbug's time drive so they can fix the fault in their own drive and continue their lives of opulence, socialising with notorious figures of history such as the Habsburgs, the Borgias, Louis XVI, Adolf Hitler and Hermann Göring. During the first two series, the Cat typically dressed in various 1940s-era suits (often gray or pink, with big shoulders and pocket handkerchiefs). Buy HD $2.99. It reunites the original cast of Chris Barrie (Rimmer), Craig Charles (Lister), Danny John-Jules (Cat) Robert Llewellyn (Kryten) and sees the return of Holly (Norman Lovett) the much loved ship’s computer. [23], In "Cured" (2017), it is revealed that Cat is a psychopath as he has many of the qualities of a psychopath such as narcissism, selfishness, and an inability to understand other people's feelings. [18] In "Cassandra" (1999), the five of them get signed up by Lister to the convict army the Canaries after Holly lies to Lister that they're a singing troupe. "[29] He bats his food around when it is served on the table, explaining to his startled shipmates, "that is what cats do with [live] food! Lister has his right arm amputated in an attempt to rid his body of the Epideme virus (voiced by Gary Martin). A making-of featurette accompanying Red Dwarf: The Promised Land. The crew plan to extract the emohawk's DNA strands and re-inject the Cat with them to return his emotions to normal, but the Cat clumsily freezes everyone else before this can be done. The way she appears to the Cat is revealed to be a double of the Cat himself (also played by John-Jules). [14], In "Ouroboros" (1997), a Cat from a parallel dimension (played by John-Jules) is briefly seen, when a "linkway" through "non-space" is opened when the membrane between the two realities temporarily collapses.

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