salt water engine patent

OCEANIC brand Natural Sea Salt Mix may be used to approximate the composition of naturally occurring seawater having an effective amount of salt and that may be used further as the salt water component of the salt water containing solution in the systems and methods discussed and shown herein. [00133 ] Using the above-described RF system, salt water will combust, as will solutions of HCl and NaCl. Researchers say that this approach could be commercially viable within the next seven to ten years. As yet another example, the RF signal 108 may produce hydrogen from or may volatilize a secondary fuel contained within the solution containing salt water 110 and the hydrogen or the volatilized secondary fuel or both may be collected as a gas and stored for various uses, e.g., stored for use as a fuel. Refer now to FIG. I regard consciousness as fundamental. With a wet battery of this kind wherein the salt water surrounds the poles and the connecting terminals of the battery, the problem presented is that of making the battery stand up for a reasonable length of time and efliciently provide the energy stored in the battery for use in an external electrical circuit. At block 2530 the RF signal is transmitted such that it interacts with at least some of the liquid. The method of combusting a liquid according to any of claims 1-3 wherein the liquid that is combusted comprises ground water having added thereto an amount of the at least one ion so that the resulting treated ground water reacts with the transmitted RF signal to generate an ignitable gas. By having displacement measurement, controller 28 can have feedback concerning the effectiveness of the electrodes in causing osmosis into and out of the buoyancy chamber. A 13.56 MHz RF signal at about 300 Watts was then applied for about 30 seconds, after which the temperature was again measured using a fiber optic thermometer. The RF transmitter may be any type of RF transmitter generating a suitable RF signal. FIG. The potential of the NanoFlowcell is much greater, especially in terms of domestic energy supplies as well as in maritime, rail and aviation technology”  – NanoFlowcell AG Chairman of the Board Professor Jens-Peter Ellermann. Just about any electrical or chemical process puts out some kind of energy, for example, in the form of heat. Barbar Akle, Wassim Habchi, Rita Adbelnour, John Blottman, and Donald Leo, Biologically Inspired Highly Efficient Buoyancy Engine, paper, Mar. Provisional Patent Application Serial No. New York: Simon & Schuster. Even Rene Descartes proposed the theory that “space,” (what we perceive as empty space) is completely filled with matter in various states. Here’s another great paper on faster than light technology regarding altering the quantum vacuum by legendary physicist Dr. Eric Davis. Two electrodes can be positioned with both electrodes in the buoyancy chamber or with one electrode being positioned in the buoyancy chamber and the other being positioned in the saltwater environment. Optionally, the RF generator 102 may be controlled adjusting the frequency and/or power and/or envelope, etc. Although money remains an issue, it doesn’t have to be. larger than the transmission head can be selected to concentrate the RF signal on a specific area in the reaction chamber (although it was earlier believed that a smaller head would concentrate the RF to enhance RF heating, a larger reception head was found to generate a higher temperature). A short neck passage formed by the collar 29 extends up through the cover 20 and is provided near its top with a hole or holes 30 through the wall of the neck. The method of claim 53 wherein the step of transmitting the transmitted RF signal is performed for a time sufficient to boil the salt water solution, the method comprising the steps of condensing the steam to form desalinated water. As indicated in Fig. After about 15 seconds, the RF signal was turned off. [0075] The RF receiver is provided at block 1910. [0028] The exemplary systems of Figures 1-4 include an RF generator 102 in circuit communication with a transmission head 104 for transmitting through a reaction chamber 106 an RF signal 108 generated by the RF generator 102 and transmitted by the transmitter head 104. In the alternative, it is believed that actual seawater may be used in the systems and methods discussed and shown herein. “Observations not only disturb what has to be measured, they produce it. This is how it works. The sheets l2 and [3 are formed curves which are substantially parallel to one another and spaced at a uniform distance apart from one another for their whole length. 1 and 2. It is further contemplated that one example of how this method together with the appropriate system could be utilized, would be in providing an engine that would be fueled by salt water or various solutions containing salt water, or even directly by seawater taken from the ocean without further purification, rather than requiring gasoline or other water incompatible hydrocarbon fuels to operate. The system of claim 26, wherein the additive is a surfactant. 1 and 2 there may be provided an insulating casing l with end walls 2 and 3, side walls! A complex theory of consciousness: Is complexity the secret to sentience, to a panpsychic view of consciousness? The walls may be grounded to the copper plate using copper straps and, if a plurality of enclosures are used, the enclosures may have copper strap between then to ground the enclosures together. Accordingly, virtually any combination or permutation of RF absorption enhancers may be used in virtually any combination of and/or permutation of any RF absorbing particle or particles described herein to create RF absorption enhancers for use in accordance with the teachings herein. The method of combusting a liquid according to any of claims 1-2 wherein the liquid that is combusted consists essentially of untreated ground water already having an effective amount of the at least one ion dissolved in the water for generation of an ignitable gas by the transmitted RF signal. The transmission head and reception heads are insulated from direct contact with the reaction chamber. The concentration change is in turn controlled by an electric current. Such approximations of naturally occurring seawater may have a specific gravity of about 1.02 g/cm3 to 1.03 g/cm3, e.g., between about 1.020-1.024 or about 28-32 PPT, as read off of a hydrometer. 2007868740, Country of ref document: To counter this problem the operator must flush the engine after each use using fresh water. The screw driver was removed and the RF signal was left on for about 30 seconds as combustion of the salt water continued. means for converting said hydrogen chloride to hydrochloric acid to thereby form a partial vacuum in said exhaust chamber, said partial vacuum increasing the pressure differential across said turbine to thereby increase the efficiency thereof, and. In the alternative, it is believed that actual seawater may be used in the systems and methods discussed and shown herein. The method of claim 56 comprising the step of passing the hydrogen gas and oxygen gas through a gas permeable membrane, wherein the gas permeable membrane is selected to pass the hydrogen gas at a greater flow rate than the oxygen gas. said hydrogen and chlorine generating means being energized by said electrical current. -->Help Support CE: Donate to Collective Evolution to help us move past the challenges censorship has put on independent media. [0024] "Operatively connected" or "operatively connecting" as used herein is used to indicate that a functional connection (e.g., a mechanical or physical connection or an electrical or optical or electromagnetic or magnetic connection) exists between the components of a system. For this purpose, a first electrode 24 is positioned within buoyancy chamber 18. A high resistance' path is also provided in the cap arrangement so that the only ground between cells is that provided by the filling passages mentioned above. [0037 ] The transmission head 104 may be any of a number of different transmitter head configurations, such as an electrically conductive plate having a coaxial coil in circuit communication therewith. However, the salt water used here contained 1 mL of stock salt water diluted to 100 mL with distilled water to give a 0.0035% salt water solution. 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