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Published: 6 Oct, 2018. The critics seemed unanimous in their verdict - They hated it. The jury returned/announced/brought in their verdict. On the 10th of January, 1569, the judgment given at the conference acquitted Murray and his adherents of rebellion, while affirming that nothing had been proved against Mary - a verdict accepted by Murray as equivalent to a practical recognition of his office as regent for the infant king. 3. Kelly has come to a close with the jury awarding a not guilty verdict. They do not represent the opinions of In Christ God says ' Amen ' to his own verdict upon sinful humanity. Why did the jury return a verdict of " justifiable homicide " at the inquest into the death of PC Robert Culley? disable ad verdict So should you invest? His dispute with George Onslow, member for Surrey, who at first supported and then threw over Wilkes for place, culminated in a civil action, ultimately decided, after the reversal of a verdict which had been obtained through the charge of Lord Mansfield, in Horne's favour, and in the loss by his opponent of his seat in parliament. The treasure trove inquest was held on 6th June 1997 where the verdict of treasure trove was announced. After these hearings the comitia gave its verdict. (1883); Ancient Empires of the East (1884); Introduction to Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther (1885); Assyria (1885); Hibbert Lectures on Babylonian Religion (1887); The Hittites (1889); Races of the Old Testament (1891); Higher Criticism and the Verdict of the Monuments (1894); Patriarchal Palestine (1895); The Egypt of the Hebrews and Herodotus (1895); Early History of the Hebrews (1897); Israel and the Surrounding Nations (1898); Babylonians and Assyrians (1900); Egyptian and Babylonian Religion (1903); Archaeology of the Cuneiform Inscr. The jury found a verdict for the plaintiff, damages £ 120. An inquest jury has returned a verdict of misadventure on a prisoner found hanging in a cell at Bedford jail. inquest jury is expected to retire to consider its verdict today. Our Verdict... Another action packed cracker from the ever dependable Harrison Ford. alluded briefly to Dennis's integration of his theory of verdict legitimacy with his exposition of the rules of evidence. William of Newburgh appears to express the verdict of the most impartial contemporaries when he says that the bishop was zelo justitiae fervidus, utrum autem please secundum scientism novit Deus: " burning with zeal for justice, but whether altogether according to wisdom God knows. As to the style, the general verdict is that it points to a late date (see Driver, Introd. Alexander Harris Solicitors Home » News » Speedboat tragedy - Inquest verdict delivered today Jump to navigation. A Chou En Lai verdict on Gordon Brown Samuel Brittan The Financial Times 22/07/05 Is Gordon Brown's supposed economic miracle based on sand? In criminal cases it is necessary for the jury to find a unanimous verdict. His trial for high treason lasted for six days (17th to 22nd of November) and ended in his acquittal, the jury only taking eight minutes to settle their verdict. The jury found him guilty by a majority, 29. Autism experts, autism advocacy groups and families of autistic individuals are divided in their reactions to the 2009 verdict and the 2007 decision. Verdict vs. His Demokratenbiichlein (1849), in the main a discussion of the Aristotelian theory of the state, and Die Athener and Sokrates (1837), in which, contrary to the almost universal opinion, he upheld the procedure of the Athenians as perfectly legal and their verdict as a perfectly just one, also deserve notice. The arbitrators declined to give a verdict, but the general impression was that victory rested with Eck. No means of intimidating the jurors was neglected, and in the then state of public feeling a verdict was hardly to be expected. Verdict A true heavyweight contender for the ultimate DVD player accolade. The verdict of the court, was a serious rebuff for the government; after a preliminary investigation of nine months, and a public trial of a fortnight, the major charges against the prisoners were dismissed, and six of them were condemned only to short terms of imprisonment for conspiracy. The same evening I attended the inquest, and heard a verdict of " wilful murder against some person or persons unknown " returned. overturned an unlawful killing inquest verdict on a teenage boy who drowned during an activity holiday. So what's the verdict of this Mario Kart Wii review? The result of the trial (1875) was a failure to obtain a unanimous verdict on the charge of poisoning; the viceroy, Lord Northbrook, however, decided to depose Malhar Rao on the ground of gross misgovernment, the widow of his brother and predecessor, Khande Rao, being permitted to adopt an heir from among the descendants of the founder of the family. Use "verdict" in a sentence. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. The presiding judge announced on 8 May that the court will give its verdict on 5 June. The trial occupied two days and resulted in a verdict of guilty, and a sentence of imprisonment for a year with a small fine. The court clerk will ask the jury foreman for the verdict. Milan was besieged by the emperor and destroyed in 1162 in accordance with the verdict of her rivals. A libel suit he instituted in London against Sir Valentine Chirol for statements made in Indian Unrest (1910) ended in a verdict for the defendant with costs (Feb. 4. Gibbon's verdict on the history of the middle ages is contained in the famous sentence, " I have described the triumph of barbarism and religion.". And certainly Manning does betray in these autobiographical fragments an unheroic sensitiveness to the verdict of posterity on his career. The jury in the subsequent inquest returned a verdict of " accidental death " . Verdict definition is - the finding or decision of a jury on the matter submitted to it in trial. alteration (partly conformed to Medieval Latin veredictum) of Anglo-French veirdit statement, finding, verdict, from Old French veir true (from Latin verus) + dit saying, from Latin dictum, Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for verdict, Nglish: Translation of verdict for Spanish Speakers, Britannica English: Translation of verdict for Arabic Speakers, Encyclopedia article about verdict. What made you want to look up verdict? The verdict given was in the main satisfactory; but doubts were expressed as to the severity of the discipline inflicted, the principal features of which were moderate labour, ample diet and substantial gratuities. An investigation that leads to a guilty verdict for polygamy can result in five years in prison. The acceptance of partial verdicts before a jury is finished with deliberations may interfere with the deliberative process; having a jury achieve unanimity on a higher charge first discourages compromise verdicts on lesser included offenses. But he was resolved to accept the verdict of the battle which his own impatience had hastened. Judging by the random outbreaks of dancing among the assembled crowd, the verdict seems to be a positive one too.

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