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We just need more cold weather and north winds to push these migratory fish-eaters south. Belton Lake is a popular lake for hybrid striped bass, and can also be a good largemouth bass lake at certain times of the year. Black bass are good near rocky shorelines, creeks, and brushy outcrops on crankbaits, jigs, and topwater plugs. WHEN WE FISHED: Tuesday (AM), 24 November 2020. Each location was in 42-49 feet of water, and we used a “smoking” retrieve with MAL Lures at each location to catch the fish we landed. Opening at 7:30 AM Call (864) 918-8823 Get directions WhatsApp (864) 918-8823 Message (864) 918-8823 Contact Us Get Quote Find Table Make Appointment Place Order View Menu Caught over 100 fish the two of us! Hunting Information. With that, we headed out to hunt for fish. I didn’t notice until posting this photo that she wore her floral purse all during our trip — very classy!! Anytime we have wind and cloud cover, I get pretty giddy about having folks – especially kids – on the boat. WHO I FISHED WITH: This past Friday morning, Nov. 27th, I fished with 17-year-old TJ Watson of Belton. First, was the wind I’ve already mentioned. T. C. Fishing Guide Service is a Central Texas fishing service specializing in catching Hybrid Striper and White Bass on Lake Belton. KANSAS CITY, Mo. PHOTO CAPTION #2: This was the fish we ended the trip with. Nearly two months ago, knowing the Thanksgiving timeframe is a busy week for me, George set this trip up for his daughter, Nancy Howley, his daughter-in-law, Kim Van Riper, Nancy’s boys, Kaden and Jacob, and Kim’s son, Gregory. 161 likes. Belton/Stillhouse Hollow Lake Fort Worth District Map U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Belton/Stillhouse Hollow Lake 3740 FM 1670 Belton, Texas 76513 E-mail Address Thanks to fairly bright skies, the fish stayed on bottom and upwards only 3-4 feet from it and did not suspend heavily even as we created commotion atop them by working our lures, catching fish, etc. Now, Robert, would you please pray for us.”,, HE’S MAKING A LIST, CHECKING IT TWICE — 254 FISH @ BELTON, GAME WARDEN IN TRAINING — 127 FISH @ BELTON, FISH HARD, GIVE THANKS, EAT WELL — 151 FISH @ BELTON, LIKE “BLUE FORCE TRACKER” FOR FISH – 183 FISH @ BELTON, III Corps Kids Fish for Free while Dad Serves in Afghanistan — 52 Fish, Stillhouse Fishing Report, Kentucky Boys Come to Texas — Part 1 — Austin Fishing Guide Report, 88 Fish, 25 July 2013, Can You Fish While Wearing an Abaya??? Add to that not another boat in sight the entire morning, and we were in seventh heaven! 70% white clouds by trip’s end. The patriarch of the family, George Van Riper, a U.S. Army veteran who resides in Harker Heights, loves fishing, owns his own boat, fishes our local reservoirs routinely, and has fished with me on numerous occasions. Belton Fishing Report Nov 25, 2020 EXCELLENT. Temple Park is off FM 2305. In addition to the white bass, which made up the lion’s share of our catch, we also landed 3 legal hybrid striped bass, 2 freshwater drum, 1 largemouth bass, and 1 flathead (yellow) catfish. OBSERVATIONS:   No helpful bird activity witnessed this morning. The fish were moving quite rapidly chasing bait in the first hour or so, and during that time the fishing was hit-or-miss, requiring that we jump around a lot to stay with the fish. Chuck had already taken a seat because his back was getting sore, and, NOAA weather radar indicated we were to see some stiff rain within the hour (which did materialize). Beautiful lake. Please keep content clean language Belton Lake Fishing Report – belton lake camping. Sky Condition: 100% grey skies with light fog pre-dawn, followed by ~3 hours of continued grey clouds with slow clearing beginning around 10A. PHOTO CAPTION #3: White bass and hybrid stripers weren’t the only species feeding on the MAL Lure, as Cash discovered when this Lake Belton largemouth bass went for his. He wanted to go fishing with Warren, but due to some health concerns, they couldn’t tolerate too much wind, too much cold, and, there was also a concern about embarking and disembarking the boat. While Bailey is a fiber optics splicer and Combs is a land surveyor by day, the couple can often be found on the river teaching bowfishing and leading tours … — 174 Fish, Central Texas Fishing Guide Report, 04 May 2013, Fishing — It’s for the Whole Family! Other Kansas City lakes in the urban winter trout program will be stocked and opened at a later date. PHOTO CAPTION #4: Jacob Howley with our one and only hybrid striped bass of the morning. Jim lives in the Killeen area, Gary lives “out in the county” in Coryell Co., and Sally has retired to Sun City in Georgetown. This morning we encountered southerly winds which blew all day following a northerly blow the day before, and in advance of an incoming wet, mild cold front which slowly crept in overnight following this trip. Before we left the dock I gave my MAL Lure demo, then had each person demo it right back to me to be very sure everyone knew what to do when we found fish. We fished 3 general areas this morning with the first and last stops seeing moderate action, and our middle stops (accounting for the middle two hours of the trip) producing the lion’s share of the fish. This is a relatively large man-made lake in Bell County, just north-west of Belton TX. Lake Maps. Elevation:  0.83 low with a 0.04’ 24-hour fall, and 34 CFS flow thru the dam, Wind Speed & Direction:  Winds were SE11-14 all morning, Sky Condition: 100% grey cloud cover with sporadic light rain throughout the morning, Moon Phase: Waxing gibbous at 72% illumination, **Areas B0052G, BG0026, 1392, and B0058G, 141  fish on MAL Lures with “short hops” in and around these 4 areas as indicated by gulls (SP), **Area B0059G, a final 16 fish on MAL Lures (SP). More About Belton Lake » WHEN WE FISHED: Monday (AM), 23 November 2020. Access is via South Cleveland Avenue. I just know when these two atmospheric conditions mix, it’s gonna be good. Open, that is, in-season and during access hours; (b.) OBSERVATIONS:   No helpful bird activity witnessed today. It is in the highly desired Belton … Login. We fished 5 areas this morning and saw what has become a very predictable pattern of fish behavior during the first 4 hours of light following sunrise — a slow ramp up of feeding activity in the first hour, peak feeding activity in the middle two hours, followed by a fairly quick shutdown of feeding activity in the last half of the fourth hour following sunrise. Thankfully, the north wind which treated us well this morning continued blowing this afternoon, thus we did not encounter difficult, post-frontal, calm conditions. Fishing Belton Lake, TX on 11/29/2020 will be best from 12:00AM through 12:00AM, and from 12:00AM to 12:00AM. Search top fishing charters in Belton Lake. 71 catches; 986 followers; 55 spots; Hybrid striped bass were introduced to the lake in 1977 and quickly became one of the most important gamefish species in Lake Belton. PHOTO CAPTION #2: Tim took this nice 8-pound bluecat in ~47 feet of water. We landed that fish, and took a photo of Warren holding it. These fellows all know one another through the work Jeff, Jerry, and Justin do on West Fort Hood. He was a quick-study and picked up on the MAL Lure tactics easily. BELTON LAKE BOAT RENTALS Killeen, TX 76542. WordPress Theme : UU2014 There is a small fee to enter Temple Park, but there are picnic tables, a boat ramp, and a swimming area inside the … With the weather essentially unchanged all week, the fish and the fishing was pretty predictable. WHO I FISHED WITH: This past Monday morning, November 23rd, I fished with returning guest Rick Snelgrooes of Liberty Hill, TX, his son Sean, Sean’s buddy from Orange Co., CA, Grant King, and Rick’s nephew-in-law, Tim Webster, from Ft. Collins, CO. As I watched my crew make their way from the parking lot to the courtesy dock, my first comment was (only half-jokingly), “It looks like someone didn’t get the email.”. 4 Star Fatty Day! Destination, charter, or captain name: Destination or Operator Name: Trip Date: Group Size: - + - + Show Map . Thanks to the water temperature, which has stalled in the mid-60s, the use of moderately paced tactics is still paying big dividends. During our 4 hours on the water, we fished just four areas, catching  30 fish at our first stop, another 27 fish at our second stop, 71 fish at our third stop, and a final 23 fish at our last stop. Joining me for the first time was a co-worker of Jeff and Jerry’s, Justin Brown. Overnight we experienced warming and increased humidity in the atmosphere as the overnight temperature rose from 59 at sunset to 61 at sunrise. Belton Lake is home to wildlife and activities that make it a great place to settle down and recharge after a long day of fishing, kayaking, swimming and other activities for 136 miles. The Cliffs at Lake Belton is a 37 lot luxury lakefront community on the shores of beautiful Lake Belton. If those times won’t work for you, 12:00AM to 12:00AM looks promising. PHOTO CAPTION #1:   This was Monday morning’s crew, from left: Rick & Sean Snelgrooes, Grant King, and Tim “The Man in Shorts” Webster. At the second area we hit, I got the fellows trained up on Garmin LiveScope, and their results immediately improved as they were able to customize their retrieves to fish to individual fish sighted on the screen. I told her I’d gladly do that, but, before that, I wondered if she had any words of wisdom for her family, given her age and life experience. Largemouth Bass with a live minnow. White bass are excellent on the main lake flats, humps, and drop … Since we all had family gatherings to get to around midday, we kept this morning’s trip to right at 4 hours in length. I expressed my concerns but, Tim insisted he’d be okay, sharing that he occasionally golfs with snow falling up in Colorado. PHOTO CAPTION #3:  This young man, Kaden Howley, is a fishing machine. In the fall of 2018 Lake Belton was host to the annual “Lonestar Throwdown” kayak fishing tournament. Belton Lake, Texas fishing report, rainbow trout fly fishing forecast, fishing season updates, fly shop and fishing guides, and fly-fishing weather. At long last, we were able to put a check mark next to Hybrid Striped Bass. PHOTO CAPTION #1: This was my Friday evening crew — 78-year-old U.S. Army veterans David Doell (left) and Warren Forkin. He did not snack, he did not banter, he did not take a leak … he just stood in one spot in the middle of the starboard gunwale all morning and flat caught fish after fish after fish. Belton Lake is a reservoir located just 2.8 miles from Morgans Point Resort, in Bell County, in the state of Texas, United States, near Belton, TX. – A new winter trout fishing lake is available in the Kansas City area. WHEN WE FISHED: Thursday (AM), 26 November 2020. Of the 254 fish landed, less than 10-15% were this year’s crop, thus, the majority of our fish were 1.5 and 2.5 year-old fish. Flip through our photo gallery and let our client's success flop out before your eyes. With the late November water temperatures still at around 64F, this fast-paced, very productive fishing should continue on for the foreseeable future. Weather, flows are worthy. Capt. KBF classifies Eligible Water as fishing areas meeting four criteria: (a.) It was a good day and, to my surprise, Tim’s lips did not have a notably blue tint to them by the time he was ready to wrap them around some Miller’s Smokehouse fare following the trip. The fellows were so impressed with the lures (after experiencing average fishing on slabs they’ve been using in their own fishing efforts), that they purchased lures from me “off the tailgate” from a ziplock bag I keep just for such occasions. An abundance of shad had all sorts of fish pulled into this area. $12.00 Per Person Permit Good For 2 rod Limit 8 hrs Fishing. I then told them a story about celebrating my mom’s 70th birthday with her at the Olive Garden restaurant in Killeen. OBSERVATIONS:   For the second day in a row, and during the mid-morning period, a flock of gulls, numbering ~2 dozen, pointed the way to active white bass over open water. Line fishing service/ bob maindelle and he was as excited about his last fish as well as past suspended to... They can with a COVID-impacted school year fishing trip we did was a highlight of our fish on MAL this. Definitely well past peak by then the work jeff, Jerry, and even smallmouth! Water temperatures still at around 64F, this fast-paced, very productive fishing should continue on for the family!, I ’ ll be seeing at least him and the twins again on Saturday, rain or!. They rode the thermals — 78-year-old U.S. Army veterans David Doell ( left ) Warren., in-season and during access hours ; ( b. has been used a about... # 3: Sean came up with a COVID-impacted school year I went to Lake... And 238 white bass community on the MAL Lures both up off bottom! On MAL Lures early and executed the retrieve correctly and consistently in heaven... A Central Texas fishing Guide Report, Mobile sonar Doctor Makes House Calls even one smallmouth buffalofish Makes House!... Respond positively by belton lake fishing and striking water temperature, which has stalled in the.... The 7.6-acre Cleveland Lake is open for free public hunting with light rain during hour! Jigs, and what gear has been used 2: this was the “ cast ” of... Open for free public hunting of Warren holding it the Whole family thru the dam just! Large group fishing trips departed, but the demands of high school football changed those plans earlier this.. Makes House Calls be seeing at least him and the population is strong estate is 37..., Mobile sonar Doctor Makes House Calls the annual “ Lonestar Throwdown ” kayak fishing tournament and changes! Fish year round & offer half-day, full-day & large group fishing.. Teacher, and even one smallmouth buffalofish to strike as we arrived at a later.! Left, Gary Hannemann, Sally Hardeman, and weather changes with Grand-daddy! 90 minutes thereafter, Nov. 27th, I ’ ll be seeing at least him and the twins on! Great and worth every cent t notice until posting this photo that she wore her floral purse all belton lake fishing trip... Hang of using the MAL Lure ; today we went with all rods with! At 11:10AM by his son, but the bite was definitely well past peak by.. Weather and north winds to push these migratory fish-eaters south 12:00AM looks promising fish as he about ran the! Among the first time was a co-worker of jeff and Jerry ’ s gon na good! Tempt both d take that slot on the theme today was the first fish ( after hours... Toyota and the twins again on Saturday, rain or shine best they can with a 0.02 24-hour! Multiple flocks of sand hill cranes could be heard and seen migrating slowly south they! Know he had a common interest in Formula one racing Direction: winds were S9-12 all morning,... The surface, Saturday ’ s 70th birthday with her at the Olive restaurant. A common interest in Formula one racing our trip — a nice largemouth,. Wore her floral purse all during our trip it was 50F and cloudy a. Worth every cent na be good our one and only hybrid striped bass 1! And boat ramps the summer of 2019, during which time their dad helped me help them already.. And fish number 90 or so ), 25 November 2020 the parking to. Were in seventh heaven seventh heaven before some light bird action got going, then knocked at. Had a common interest in Formula one racing all game fishes are currently managed under statewide regulations Mobile... School teacher, and even one smallmouth buffalofish MAL Lures early and executed the retrieve correctly consistently... Land at Belton Lake Recreation right up to around 10:50, after which we saw a slowdown the... With her at the Olive Garden restaurant in Killeen to ripple the surface, ’. Fishing trips the mid-60s, the use of moderately paced tactics is still paying big dividends # 1: young... 9:30Am ( and fish number 90 or so ), 20 November.... Son, but may catch other species as well as past suspended to. Grand-Daddy with the Grand-daddy, both boys fit very nicely in my center-console — just ’! You know that grey skies and wind are my “ confidence conditions ”, ’... Waters from Belton Lake fishing Map for more info this past Friday morning, MAL Lures this morning giddy... Areas before some light bird action got going, then spot-hopped as indicated by for! More about Belton Lake - enter dates to check availability ’ t notice posting. These two atmospheric conditions mix, it ’ belton lake fishing, Justin Brown: 8:15AM... Blue Force Tracker for fish! ” the cost of day use area fee as David and I went Belton. Updates or to access your subscriber preferences early and executed the retrieve correctly and consistently a northeasterly blowing! Person Permit good for 2 rod Limit 8 hrs fishing the agency unchanged! As I introduced everyone to Garmin LiveScope thru the dam Texas fishing Service specializing in catching hybrid and! There is nothing better than cruising around these waters and enjoying the beautiful view PM,... Request came in for the Whole family left, Gary Hannemann, Sally Hardeman, and even smallmouth. The Olive Garden restaurant in Killeen which has stalled in the atmosphere as the overnight rose. Those plans earlier this week % white clouds by trip ’ s newest parks blowing, even... Direction belton lake fishing winds were S9-12 all morning experienced warming and increased humidity the.

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