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If the fall hasn't killed them, Todd is compelled to 'polish them off' with his razor. In his 2012 novel Dodger, Terry Pratchett portrays Sweeney Todd as a tragic figure, having lost his mind after being exposed to the horrors of the Napoleonic Wars as a barber surgeon. name and indeed no barber by the name of Sweeney Todd ever found himself on Could it be that the original Sweeney Todd was not actually from Victorian London, but from Medieval Paris?Legend has it that the City of Lights and Love had its very own demon barber during the 14 th century. Background. This is the basis for Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler’s stage musical, which Tim Burton made into a movie in 2007. It was probably written by James Malcolm Rymer, though Thomas Peckett Prest has also been credited with it; possibly each worked on the serial from part to part. After being exiled to Australia for 15 years on bogus charges, Todd returns to London, seeking a reunion with his family—and then revenge. the works of Charles Dickens. Haunted Pubs    The original story of Sweeney Todd quite possibly stems from an older urban legend, originally based on dubious pie-fillings. Midnight Marquee Press. Maybe I’m being pedantic about one of my many obsessions. To modern historians, this seems like a classist attempt to criminalize poor people. photographs. Jack the A newspaper publisher served jail time for libel for publishing an unsubstantiated rumor about cannibalism. Sweeney Todd is a fictional character who first appeared as the villain of the Victorian penny dreadful serial The String of Pearls (1846–47). and sinister places and things that London has to offer. Having robbed them, he drags their bodies through an underground tunnel to the premises of his lover Mrs. Margery Lovett in nearby Bell Yard. [8] In two books,[3][4] Peter Haining argued that Sweeney Todd was a historical figure who committed his crimes around 1800. His gruesome story caught the public imagination yet again in 2008 when Johnny Depp played him in Tim Burton's film Sweeney Todd. Those behind the Sweeney Todd story, like many horror writers and film makers since, used the vulnerability of a familiar, everyday situation and turned it into something that would be guaranteed to illicit gasps of terror from their readers and, no doubt, instil feelings of trepidation in Many Europeans moved from small villages or towns to huge cities, like London and Paris. The rest of the story, culminating in Sweeney Todd's execution for his murders in 1802, is well known. Is Sweeney Todd a true story or just some character imagined by a penny dreadful writer? Get two audiobooks for the price of one, from your local indie bookstore. The True Story of Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Graveyards    permission  in writing of the copyright holder. Yet the story of Sweeny Todd has never lost its popularity and this hideous creation and his foul deeds continue to shock and thrill in equal measure in television dramas and most recently in the film Sweeney Todd starring Johnny Depp. They’re thieves motivated by evil and greed, but not revenge. Later adaptations changed the story significantly. If you remember the story, Sweeney Todd’s barber chair worked in an ingenious manner. Sitting in the barber's chair, his head tilted back, his throat exposed as the sharp blade of the barber's razor glided back and forth across his skin, a man would be, and indeed might well feel, decidedly exposed On this site he is believed to have robbed and murdered over 150 customers, thereby making him the number one killer in London's history. In 18th century England, property crimes like theft were capital offenses,  punishable by hanging. Around Halloween, I like to watch or listen to Stephen Sondheim’s 1979 stage musical, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. [8] In Charles Dickens' Pickwick Papers (1836–1837), the servant Sam Weller says that a pieman used cats "for beefsteak, veal, and kidney, 'cording to the demand", and recommends that people should buy pies only "when you know the lady as made it, and is quite sure it ain't kitten. I remember at least one character having a photo in the 2007 movie, which would have been impossible in 1785. Sweeney Todd, "The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" first came to prominence in the mid 19th century since when he has appeared in books, plays, a musical and in films. In 1993, controversial author Peter Haining published Sweeney Todd: The Real Story of the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. With reforms in the 19th century, fewer crimes were classed as capital offenses. In short they created fear out of the familiar! that Sweeney Todd did exist, there is absolutely no historical figure by that [1] The musical, based on Christopher Bond's 1973 play of the same name, significantly deepened Todd’s character. [10], In 1875, Frederick Hazleton's c. 1865 dramatic adaptation Sweeney Todd, the Barber of Fleet Street: or the String of Pearls (see below) was published as volume 102 of Lacy's Acting Edition of Plays.[8]. In case they are alive, Todd goes to the basement and "polishes them off" (slitting their throats with his straight razor). The story will feature each of the existing characters but with the twist of the tale being told from Mrs. Lovett's point of view. In some adaptations, the murdering process is reversed, with Todd slitting his customers' throats before dispatching them into the basement through the revolving trap door. Some people interpret Sweeney Todd as symbolizing fears of industrialization: literally or figuratively becoming an anonymous cog in a machine. Although it was first published in 1846, during the Victorian era, the original Sweeney Todd story takes place in the earlier Georgian era: 1785. The popularity of the character remains undiminished, but was Sweeney Todd a true story or not. Rothman, Irving N. "Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd (1979). The book is ", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Sweeney_Todd&oldid=982742094, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Benjamin Barker (Bond play and musical version). There were still infamous, anonymous serial killers in major cities, such as Jack the Ripper in London. served jail time for libel for publishing an unsubstantiated rumor about cannibalism. Like other historical fiction, though, The String of Pearls uses an earlier time to explore current fears. Walking Ironically, these strict laws ended up unintentionally incentivizing murder. They can A few years before The String of Pearls, a much more famous serialized writer, Charles Dickens, referenced “those preparers of cannibalistic pastry, who are represented in many country legends as doing a lively retail business in the metropolis” in his novel Martin Chuzzlewit (Dickens 495). The basic plot will be familiar to fans of the musical and movie: a barber and a baker collude to murder people and bake their remains into pies. It depicts him as former prisoner Benjamin Barker, who becomes obsessed with murdering Turpin, the judge who unjustly convicted him and destroyed his family. p. 307. lavishly illustrated with both full colour and evocative black and white The text and images on this haunted London page are the copyright of Richard Home    a bygone age when men's home grooming was little more than primitive. The movie has good performances, but I prefer the play. THE REAL SWEENEY TODD. The big question everyone wants to know the answer to is, “Was the demon barber real or merely based on legend and myth?” Did Sweeney Todd Exist the facts – Sweeney Todd the myth and legend – Swe eney Todd’s Story. The story had already been adapted into films several times. [8], In 1865 the French novelist Paul H.C. Féval (1816–1887), famous as a writer of horror and crime novels and short stories, referred to what he called "L'Affaire de la Rue des Marmousets", in the introductory chapter to his book La Vampire. This article is about the character. He belongs to Keep an eye on your inbox. Sweeney Todd Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street, had his shop at number 186 Fleet Street, which is now the Dundee Courier building with a Kwik copier shop below, as pictured here. to generations of men! Jones and may not be reproduced, copied or otherwise used without the express Indeed, the proceedings of the Old Bailey Yet history is silent on actual cold facts about the case and the Old Bailey transcripts don't show up anywhere at all on Google for the search term Sweeney Todd Trial at the A Tale of Terror of the Seas and the Mysteries of the City by "Captain Merry" (a pseudonym used by American author Harry Hazel, 1814–1889). In 1973, Christopher Bond premiered his play Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Similar urban legends, from London to Paris, conflated fact and fiction and got exaggerated quickly, with vague sources. story of each location and is lavishly illustrated throughout with truly Mrs. Lovett and Mr. Todd should be, respectively, a powerful alto and baritone. Historic With the aid of an ingenious revolving chair and a cut-throat razor, he is said to have robbed and butchered more than 160 victims in his barber shop in Fleet Street, before taking the remains to nearby Bell Yard where his accomplice, Margery Lovett, cooked their flesh So, scriptwriters either didn’t know the year in the original version, or they changed it. This is a celebration of all the ghostly and vulnerable! Other attributions include Edward P. Hingston, George Macfarren, and Albert Richard Smith. "Tome of Terror: Horror Films of the Silent Era". Dickens and other popular writers mentioned mysterious urban legends, which were probably familiar to their readers. And in fact, Paris was quite possibly the first home of cannibalistic pastries from a murderous barber-butcher relationship. when Johnny Depp played him in Tim Burton's film Sweeney Todd. Although it’s fictional, the Sweeney Todd story has endured for over 250 years because it draws on primal fears and taboos. Some fans of the movie or musical might not know that the story originated from a book and has had many adaptations since. Later adaptations changed the story significantly. Thank you for signing up! Haunted In this section, I’ll refute a couple of myths and misconceptions about Sweeney Todd. His victim's worldly possessions are hidden away in Sweeny Todd's shop, whilst any remains that haven't gone into a batch of meat pies are secreted in the dank, disused vaults beneath St Dunstan's church on Fleet Street. Sweeney Todd: The Real Story of the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Set in 1785, the story featured as its principal villain a certain Sweeney Todd and included all the plot elements that were used by Sondheim and others ever since. It’s not based on a true story. Bond tried to make Todd a more sympathetic villain by adding a tragic backstory. Historians have debunked Haining’s research, saying what he called nonfiction is a hoax with made-up sources. In the original version of the tale, Todd is a barber who dispatches his victims by pulling a lever as they sit in his barber chair. Thanks to the talents of Mr. Johnny Depp, most of us are now familiar with the story of Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street. With Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, Timothy Spall. As time progresses Sweeney Todd grows ever more confident and audacious, but in so doing his insatiable lust for

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