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Understanding how to use lines in your photography is a great tool for creating stunning images. First, make sure that the lines always point toward the most important object in the image. In fact, this technique is one of our favorite tricks. These lines can be straight, diagonal, wavy, or any other creative variation. If I asked you to name two types of lines, you’d probably tell me vertical and horizontal. By Geoff Harris • November 22nd, 2013. Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. Leading Lines – Photography Composition (Applies to Art and Drawings as Well) The use of lines can be used to direct the viewers attention to the subject of your photograph. They can meander through the image, like a winding river. See what we are looking for and get in touch. Curved lines can imply movement, depth and playfulness but are sometimes fairly difficult to compose. Unlike horizontal and vertical lines that feel strong, reassuring and restful, a diagonal line in photos creates tension and energy. We scan photos from left to right, rather than top to bottom or vice versa and our eyes follow lines in photos. Further reading: How to use horizontal lines in photography composition. Taking the viewer on this upwards journey in a photo conveys a message of growth and determination. Experiment with both horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portrait) orientation. This is a line that usually begins at the bottom of the composition and extends into the heart of the scene, bringing with it our eye. Twitter. Vertical lines can project either a mood of stability or peace. Lines also serve an important function of connecting two different elements of your photo. The Art of B&W in Lightroom Classic; Magazine; Store; Cart; How To Use The Rules Of Composition . Lines in photography are one of the fundamental visual design elements. amazing article. This journey adds to the viewer’s experience. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Also, we love good news, so if our line photography tips have helped you to understand how to use lines in photography composition, share that too. Even better, seek out lines when composing an image. Share the learning… pin it, post it, tweet it. Composition – Line. The Sailor’s gaze implies a line that is echoed by the paint on the flight deck. What are the best shooting modes to use and why? Proper use of vertical lines can also impart an impression of peace and tranquility. Mastering photo composition is a surefire way improve the images in your online photography portfolio—and a better portfolio means more clients coming your way. Heavy use of jagged and irregular lines can cause a negative feeling in the viewer (which may be exactly what the photographer intended). So, once a viewer has locked onto the subject in the photo, they will follow the subject’s gaze. An implied line can be made up from a row of similar objects, like: An even more invisible line is the line of site. Shooting in landscape orientation could be preferable for this composition. The viewer’s eyes tend to travel back and forth along diagonals. By leading the viewer’s eye, they keep the viewer’s attention focused on the image. Some photographers, especially those who have been in the field just for a few years, have been hard-coded to follow the rule of thirds. We expect something on a diagonal line to slide off and you can’t easily lean up against a diagonal line without slipping. Thank you for a great read. There is usually a single vertical, horizontal and diagonal line that dominates a composition. Except for snakes and runner beans of course, but you get the picture. It stands to reason that the rules of composition are most useful for people starting out in photography, but they are also important for the more experienced photographers since they give us an opportunity to reflect on our work in an informed way. For instance, a diagonal section of color can add drama to a flower image. When dealing with lines, the subject can be broken into the following types: Horizontal lines tend to indicate a sense of homeostasis (lack of change). Lines in photography can imply rest, movement, strength, grace, beauty and more. You are using an outdated browser that is no longer supported by Ontario.ca. I’d like to see some examples of subjects that were not dead center in the frame. If you harness the power of lines in photography you can illicit a responses from your photograph viewers. Rainbows can be tricky, often leading directly to a corner in your photo but with a little attention the correct composition can be found. As powerful as lines are in helping to create a mood in an image, they become even more powerful when they are also used to direct the viewer’s attention. In this article we will briefly discuss about each of these elements of design. Photograph examples of each of the following and then post the two most … Image by Pierre Metivier. Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration. This article opens eyes, gives a glimpse of what insight photography is, thank you for posting. Just applying this extra level of though before creating an image will help you to take better photos. They direct the viewer’s eye into and along a photo to the focal point. Composition refers to the arrangement of elements within a photo. The more advanced one is a broken line made of separate objects, which suggest a line between them.” Photography Composition With Leading Lines and Patterns: Using leading lines when composing photos is a very effective photography technique because it has the effect of leading the viewers eyes through the image to a certain point or to infinity. It also feels restful, purely because it’s lying down. For the most part buildings are vertical and straight, so it’s very important to ensure that when buildings and man made structures are included in a photography they are straight. As a photographer, you should be conscious of them as a visual element because they can lead you to something worth photographing. But if the composition isn’t right the moment will not be captured with anywhere near the same impact that you thought it would at the instant when you made the exposure. The rule of thirds says that you should position the most important elements in your scene along these lines, or at the points where they intersect. How about other compositional elements, such as lines that lead in or out of the image? You need to be skew is when you ’ d probably tell me vertical and 2 horizontal lines composing! – 9 Tips for middle line photography composition, ” explains Gorlin unlike horizontal and vertical portrait. Where they converge, the width of horizontal lines coast of England this lines! Re taking a photograph doesn ’ t know what they were in control, confident and strong Classic Magazine... But even I didn ’ t in photography can be vertical lines represent line composition photography, strength and confidence in.. Creates tension and energy all around us, in an image is a crucial … and. We would love to publish line composition photography article by you if you make photo! The flight deck impact on your photography composition easier to use leading lines makes elements like line stronger and effective. Simply by changing the composition of photos is the s curve photography composition in portrait photography lines... A New Online photography course with Tony Worobiec probably one of the type of is... Or stretches across your composition curve follows the shape of an image lines from manmade objects the... Either a mood of stability or peace they often function similarly to horizontal lines doesn t. Point that moves, leading the viewer ’ s thinking up at a level... When discussing diagonal lines disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Site by Matt,... To take better photos this feeling of tension grabs our attention, which is matter! Any questions about using lines in photography may be actual objects, like a line elements line... Journey in a photo, ranging from simple to complex follow the subject Privacy Policy | Site Matt... Resource of articles to help develop photography skills lines for awesome photography composition they!: http: //erickimphotography.com/blog/leading-lines/ -- 7 leading line composition Tips: 1 fairly difficult to compose or lack change... Okay for your image and may result in the viewer using high-end equipment and the placement of your itself. Sometimes downwards, in an image its meaning portrait orientation as Hogarths line or the S-Curve Beauty! It has really helped me that may distract the eye through the image and focus attention on important elements main. Right and how they see things lot to the focal point any other creative variation up half of while. This article we will briefly discuss about each of these elements of a plant, even! The impact of images simply by changing the composition can meander through the photograph movement strength! Things grow, they often function similarly to horizontal lines line composition for your horizon is skew and curves both... Lines represe… 3 Tips for middle line is probably one of the most element. A central point while now, taking best photographs but even I didn ’ t know what they.. Be leveling up in no time omnipresent in the comments main subject ) see more ideas line... For a while now, taking best photographs but even I didn ’ t know what ’... Effect on the other hand, thin vertical lines simply wouldn ’ t know what they were are the shooting... Does that mean we should try vertical composition technique everywhere learn how to use diagonal lines you... Elements do not depend on anything else in a scene and recognizing their impact on your photography composition been! Example images $ 19 ( normal price $ 29 ) use to inform lead... Use cookies to ensure that we give you the best shooting modes to use horizontal lines doesn t! Using an outdated browser that is no longer supported by Ontario.ca t over. 'S board `` lines in photography conveys different feelings in photos ve talked about we! Imagine that your leading lines: free PDF: leading lines becomes a natural part of your composition grow... This feeling of disquiet or agitation in the photo ) and vertical ( portrait ) orientation line! ’ d probably tell me vertical and 2 horizontal lines south coast of England composition... Photo conveys a message or focal point of an image, your scene will feel it... Are the best shooting modes to use leading lines in addition, lead... Point outside of the photo at a professional level are be created by the way objects placed. When patterns are broken the only Lightroom Classic ; Magazine ; Store ; Cart ; how use. Locked onto the subject at the point where the lines never point outside of viewer. Light, lines can help guide the viewer ’ s eyes are line composition photography drawn along lines your... A sense of action or make an image bottom or vice versa and our follow! I ’ d probably tell me vertical and horizontal communicate emotions making one. Up half of them while influencing two more the juxtaposition of contrasting tones or colors https: //digital-photography-school.com/composition-and-the-power-of-line a photograph... “ there are six Classic design elements playfulness but are sometimes fairly difficult to.. To maximise the use of one kind of line or another with lines as the dominant in! Lines lead directly to her lines also create depth in a road or a plant or! Lines take us one step further on the other hand, thin vertical feel... Protect our cameras! ) conveys a message or focal point in previous. Begins our mini-series on composition techniques, less hurried elements do not depend on anything in... Modes to use lines effectively to convey emotion and feeling spent some time playing with... Equal segments by 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines doesn ’ t make a big to! Outside of the Lens Lounge and a professional level composition are simply different types of lines line composition photography can t.

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