yelawolf kids

He has three children from a previous marriage to Sonora Rosario. Yelawolf's early childhood introduction to hip hop came as a result of his mother's boyfriend being a sound designer for Aerosmith around the time that the Run-DMC version of “Walk This Way” was released, and made friends with the hip hop group. He has cited Outkast as his biggest influence when it comes to a "blend of sounds". He has stated on multiple occasions that the group's two seminal albums, In July 2013, Yelawolf got engaged to his girlfriend and a recording artist Fefe Dobson. Earlier today, Yelawolf joined Hot 97's "Ebro In The Morning" show and, discussed raising bi-racial children during a time when unarmed kids are being gunned down by police at an alarming rate. Yelawolf Tour 2020 : Yelawolf has sick beats and rhymes, and all of his works is fresh. Yelawolf has cited Detroit-based recording artist Kid Rock as a major influence in his mixing of country music, rock music, and hip hop. - … Yelawolf recalls Run-DMC visiting his child home and giving him some Beastie Boys' Licensed to Ill cassette tapes.

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